What is the purpose of a website?

Posted by: Mitch Ribak on July 29th, 2008

I had a great conversation today with a past executive officer of FAR and now part of NAR. He came to my office to check out our 100MPH Marketing Software and System and our eHomes Realty Network. He will be signing up his Brokerage to take advantage of our tools. Anyway, after I did my demo, we started talking about the Internet and what NAR is doing with regards to the Internet. It was a great conversation and I really can’t talk about most of what was said as I don’t have permission to do that.

However, since I started my soft marketing of my software and membership company, I have talked with many major players in our industry. They all have one thing in common…they don’t know anything about the Internet.

Here is what they are thinking at the National level. They are hearing that the more information you have on your website, the more chance you have of getting a customer. Our conversation was a lot more detailed of course, but this interesting to me. They believe they should be gearing up on a national level to offer a ton of products for real estate agents to put on their websites.

Unfortunately it appears that they are hearing what they should be doing from the wrong people…in my opinion of course!

So I asked him what he thought the purpose of a Realtors website should be. He answered the same answer I hear from so many. He said, “to provide as much information as possible”. I told him, that is what most agents think, which is why 99% or more don’t make any money from their websites.

I told him that the real purpose of a website, like any marketing, is to get leads and turn them into customers.

He was a little shocked by my answer but then after talking to him for a bit, he really understood the real purpose of a website.

In reality, you do need to have some content. I believe school info is good to have and some basics on buying a home and selling a home…but that’s about it. If you have seen my sites, I don’t put a ton of content on there for one main reason. People come to our sites to look at houses. That’s it. Of course all the web 2.0 companies will tell you different, but in my opinion, the more info I put on my site, the less reason to contact us.

My goal of my sites is only to expose my listings to as many people as possible and to have visitors do a search on my site and let me capture their name, email, phone number and search criteria. Once I am armed with that info, between my 100MPH Marketing Software and my very trained Agents, they will convert these leads to our goal…a customer for life!

So, with all that said, I was curious what you all think about the purpose of your website?

Did you build your website to share a lot of information with your customers, or did you build it to have people register on your site so you could hopefully sell them a home at some point?

Of course some of you might say you are doing a combination of both, but I want to hear what your main purpose is…it’s really either one or the other. I am really interested in what my fellow HomeGainers are thinking. I value all your opinions! Obviously if you are on HomeGain, you understand the Internet better than most of the Realtors in the country.

Thanks for sharing like all of you do. It shows you that most Realtors are really good people who enjoy helping each other become successful. I like that!

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For a Realtor®, the primary objective is to sell homes; that requires generating leads. While the public wants free information without obligation, that isn’t practical in the real world.

Chris Brake

It funny how many times I talk to agents and they either don’t have a website or don’t market it in any way. Then I get questions like, “how come no one ever goes to my website?”. Searching for properties online has really taken off and if you don’t have something out there to capture lead information or at least have an IDX solution then your living in the past. I recommend doing some research on websites before you take the big plunge and start spending a bunch of cash on some flashy site. WordPress is our favorite so I recommend starting there.

Mike Pannell

Great Post Mitch, You are the man when it comes to internet leads.


Great article. A succesful website is a powerful tool for any business and the key is knowing how to BUILD an optimized site to attract visitors, how to WRITE to sell effectively and turn your visitors into leads, and how to NETWORK your site on the web to maximize your website’s potential. I have written a blog with tips on how to make any website into a real success story. You can read my blog here: http://startasuccessfulbusinessonline.blogspot.com

Rohan Kleem

Was just reading up on this and found a great explanation at http://www.elure.com.au/page_var134/

Real Estate Taxi

I think there are many reasons to develop your real estate site. The first one is defiantly to attract more clients, but as you write more material for your site you gain valuable knowledge which translates to an improvement in your business.

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