The Ever Evolving Real Estate Website

Posted by: Brian Kinkade on October 6th, 2008

In today’s ever competitive Internet arena, we, as real estate professionals are drawn every direction for the perfect website solution.  With website companies offering multiple color schemes to integrated IDX search engines including all the bells and whistles, it’s easy to fall into information overload.  Finally, we make our best guess, choose the lucky winner and begin our journey.


Almost predictably there is a progression that the new agent takes until they find a website solution that works for them.


And, just how does it truly work for us?  Have we reaped the desired net return or do we ignore it and continue to pay the $35/month just so we have a website like everyone else?  Or, are we truly investing into our website, time, passion and money, so on the flipside it generates a positive ROI?


Late 2006, I began using HomeGain’s BuyerLink product.  Through trial and error I have learned to produce a positive cash flow through lead conversion.  Since then I have come to understand you can point BuyerLink traffic to just about any IDX search engine and generate some form of lead capture.


Quite literally you could point BuyerLink traffic to a brick with any flavor of lead capturing home search feature and make money at it.


However, I’ve learned the success generated with BuyerLink can literally make you take your eyes off the ball.  What I mean is, it is so effective that you can come to underestimate the value of a true SEO friendly website.  Everyone has to start somewhere but then you need to move on and start thinking about the long term ROI of your website.


Where do you start?  Who do you go to in order to find out if you’re simply paying rent for your site or if you’re investing in your future?


Based upon my experience in both the Denver real estate market and nationwide Internet marketing exposure, these are my best recommendations: Contact Mitch Ribak, founder of, for proven lead conversion systems and contact Eric Blackwell, founder of, for search engine optimization and marketing services.



7 Comments on “The Ever Evolving Real Estate Website”


Brian – you are right but SEO and Buyerlink are not mutually exclusive – you can use the two together for a synergistic effect. IMO

Brian Kinkade

Hi Wayne, I most certainly agree. In fact, I believe the marriage of the two, BuyerLink along with an SEO friendly website, lead one to more optimal positioning for long term ROI. Perhaps it’s also part of my continual progression from “Can I do it?” to “How can I do it better?”.

Brandon Green

A few months ago I had our website completely overhauled, adding features like a blog and homeowners tips that intend to draw repeat visitors. The process took a long time, but we’re happy with the result.

Timothy A. Crane

I try top keep my many websites updated on a regular basis. I think it is necessary for the success of a website
Check out my blog at

J Boyer Chatham NJ

I agree, and to that end, even though I do not have an eye for creating a great looking website, I am and have been attempting to leverage the best features of my website, located at , as best I can. I currently need to figure out a new look for the main page though.

Mitch Ribak

Hey Brian! It is about using both tools, BuyerLink and SEO. Even though I now have Eric doing a great job of increasing my rankings, I would never stop doing PPC through BuyerLink and other sources. As I have mentioned before, I like the predictability of PPC. I know that if I spend x amount on BuyerLink I will receive y amount of leads which will result in z amount of transactions. It’s nice to know your business will produce year after year regardless of the market. Once we get your new Agents kicking with our eHomes Realty Network and 100MPH Marketing lead conversion there will be no stopping you or your team! Keep up the great work!

Internet Marketing

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