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Posted by: Marc Rasmussen on July 1st, 2009

Are you looking for more clients to work with? Most of us are in this challenging real estate market. I recently read that roughly 90% of home buyers are starting their initial research on the internet.

Here are 5 tips to improve your website rankings in Google to increase your traffic.

1.) Figure out what phrases you want to target. Keep in mind that the competition for phrases like ‘your city real estate’ is typically fierce. Depending on your level of expertise, budget and how much time you want to invest in this you may want to choose a less competitive phrase to target. An example of a less competitive phrase in my area would be “St. Armands Circle homes for sale“. It is easier to rank well for that phrase than the more competitive ones. To find search volumes use this
Google keyword tool.higher-stack-hungry-for-business

2.) After you have made a list of these phrases. Use them in your title tag. The first three of four words in your title tag should be the phrases that you are trying to optimize for. Only target 1-3 phrases for each page.

3.) Write a good description tag that will compel searchers to click on your website. When you make a search in Google the description shows up under the title of the website. Make your description exciting and better than your competitors.

4.) Write good (and unique content) for each of your pages. Don’t steal the content from your competitors. Google does not like that. Write it yourself or have it written to make sure it is original.

5.) Attract links to your website. This is easier said than done. Go here for a good resource on building links to your website. With all else equal Google will rank site A higher than site B if it has more quality links pointing to it. Google views links to a website as a vote.

In the end, strong, well written and organized pages generally rank higher in Google. Make a commitment to build good pages and garner links.

Give it time and your site will rank better.

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7 Comments on “Improve Your Website Rankings”

M Realty

Nothing beats a well designed website and a good SEO guy with a smart campaign :-)


Great Advice! I agree completely and use these steps in my own website ranking.

Tony Sena

Another way to get some great back links is to guest blog or become a contributor on other authority blogs like Homegain :)


Great advice, creative description tags are a great way to set your company apart. Here’s a list I created of ten things you can do to improve your website’s homepage, check it out.
10 Tips for a more effective home page

Robert Worthington

Description tags? We have not talked about this subject yet Eric. I would like to listen to you thoughts on description tags. How important are they for seo purposes?

gpe homes

the meta dscription tags importance mainly stems from the fact that it is what your potential visitor sees when they make the importance decision of clicking onto your link or not. Don’t think keyword here, think hook.

Andrew Mooers

Thank you for the tips on writing, creating SEO bell ringing blog posts.

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