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Tablets Poised To Take Homebuying Process To New Levels

Like virtually everyone else on the planet, I’ve finally succumbed to tablet-mania and become an owner … of an iPad. I coupled it with a totally cool Zagg Folio leather case/keyboard combo. Although it’s an incredibly useful tool in so many ways, I’m particularly excited about how it can totally transform the home buying process.

Picture the following:

Not knowing where to start in the search for a great local Realtor, a potential homebuyer from Fremont, California grabs their iPad during their lunch break and loads the Google app. They type in ‚Äúfind a realtor in Fremont, CA‚ÄĚ and, at the top of the list, they see ‚ÄúFind Local Realtors¬ģ – Research & Compare Realtors Online.‚ÄĚ A tap on the link takes them to‚Äôs homepage where they can enter their criteria and then search for a top-notch area Realtor – anonymously. As proposals start to come in from Fremont Realtors, they select a few profiles they like, click through to email the agents and ask for interviews with their top three choices. A quick tap on their Starbucks app allows them to share the address of their favorite location with the Realtors and appointments are quickly set up.

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Posted by: Carl Medford on February 13th, 2012 under Technology


Listing Syndication – Yes or No?

News of Abbott Realty Group’s decision to stop syndicating its listings to real estate aggregators such as Trulia and Zillow renewed the discussion in the industry regarding the value of third-party sites in marketing properties. To summarize the point made by the likes of ABR and Edina, which made the decision in November, is that third-party aggregators take listing information (which is ‘owned’ by the listing brokerage) as content for their sites, which drives traffic to these sites. The resulting traffic then becomes a valuable commodity which can be leveraged into selling advertising, whether to individual agents, brokerages, or add-on services (i.e. moving companies). A consensus among the anti-syndication crowd is that data is often outdated, automated-valuation models (i.e. Zestimates) are inaccurate, and that ultimately these portals are using listings to attract traffic to their sites, so that they can sell those ‘leads’ and ad space to real estate agents.

The flip side of the argument, at least as made by Zillow’s CEO Spencer Rascoff, is that portals such as Zillow are ‘most likely to provide the most exposure to the most buyers,’ which results in listings selling faster and at a higher price. He goes on to say that ‘not putting listings on Zillow, and Trulia is tantamount to abandoning any hope of finding a buyer who is using a mobile device’ (emphasis added by Mr. Rascoff), which would lead one to believe that the big aggregators have a monopoly in mobile technology – a point that many leading innovators could argue against.

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Posted by: Alex Cortez on February 8th, 2012 under Guest Bloggers

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AgencyLogic Selects HomeGain to Power its Home Prices

HomeGain is proud to announce that AgencyLogic has selected HomeGain’s home prices tool to offer to its single¬† property web site customers.¬† AgencyLogic is a division of Network Earth, a technology company founded in 1995 that specializes in web based software.

HomeGain’s home values tool is now available to AgencyLogic’s extensive network of customers to provide recent home prices, home values,¬† and valuations of comparable sales.

Stephen Fell, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Network Earth was quoted in this morning’s press release “We are committed to providing our single property website customers with best of breed solutions and HomeGain’s instant home values tool fits that bill.”

HomeGain’s home prices tool, the first such tool of its kind,¬† is available throughout the web including on The Washington Post, HomeFinder and USA Today.

You can download HomeGain’s instant home values tool, HomeGain’s Home Sale Maximizer tool and HomeGain’ tool bar here.



Louis Cammarosano


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 23rd, 2009 under Home Prices, Home Values, HomeGain

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50 Reasons to Use a Buyer’s Agent

A much cited statistic¬†tells us that nearly all home buyers start their home search online. Many consumers type in “homes for sale” on Google or Yahoo! or visit sites like HomeGain.¬†


With home listings available in many places on the Internet some consumers may consider buying a home without using the services of a professional real estate agent.


This  would be a mistake.

A local Realtor understands current market conditions and home prices. Automated valuation tools like those found on Zillow and HomeGain can only serve as a starting point for assessing home values in a particular area.


A local Realtor acting on behalf of a home buyer can give real insight on home prices based on local, up-to-the-minute analysis of the market.


In addition to helping buyers understand home prices, buyers’ agents do a lot more.


HomeGain member Mitch Ribak, who is on track to sell more than 350 homes this year, recently provided us with these 50 reasons to use a buyer agent: 


  1.   Analysis of your real estate needs and determine housing criteria

  2.    Research properties

  3.    Send you listings that match your needs

  4.    Provide information pertaining to your move or relocation and short-term stay options

  5.   Educate you about home buying processes

  6.   Provide information on market conditions, schools, communities, employment, and more

  7.   Discuss your financing needs

  8.   Recommend qualified mortgage brokers

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Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 2nd, 2009 under Best Practices, Home Prices, Home Values, HomeGain


Louis Cammarosano At BloodhoundBlog Unchained

Here’s the HomeGain big dawg, on a panel at the BloodhoundBlog UNCHAINED Social Media Marketing Conference, sponsored by Pretty impressive under fire.

For a guy who wonders about the efficacy of social media marketing, he gets it.

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Posted by: Brian Brady on May 22nd, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, HomeGain


HomeGain Cries Flattery On Zillow!

Zillow Becomes a Lead Vendor

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, those Zany folks at Zillow are at it again.

First they borrow HomeGain’s concept of the web-based instant Home Values tool, a product HomeGain first launched back in 2000.

From HomeGain‚Äôs March 9, 2000 press release: ‚ÄúHomeGain‚Äôs highly popular valuation tool, for example, gives home sellers an estimated home price value range of their home for free in just 10 seconds, including comparable sales figures for homes in their neighborhood.‚ÄĚ

Six years later Zillow introduces ‚Äúthe Zestimate‚ÄĚ and wraps it in a big ‚ÄúZ‚ÄĚ to much fanfare, press notices and blogging adoration.

Today we learn that Zillow has taken another page out of HomeGain’s book with their launch of the Zillow Mortgage MarketPlace.

Take a look: the concept looks suspiciously like HomeGain’s AgentEvaluator program originally launched in 1999. The major difference being that Zillow’s lead generation program is for mortgage lenders.

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Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 3rd, 2008 under Home Prices, Home Values, HomeGain


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