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What Makes a Website Valuable?

We all know why we have websites, right? Lead generation!

website-sales-strategies-lead-generationWith so many people using the web to find out information before even placing a call to a Realtor, we have to keep our websites up with the times.

I have made my website easy to use and full of information. From links to the MLS system for easy home searching, to a list of what to expect, to a list of preferred providers, to a mortgage calculator, it is all in one place.  I am constantly uploading new listings, price changes, and disclosures for all of my listings.

There is a fine line on providing too much info. Vs. creating a reason for the lead to call.  Continue reading this post


Posted by: Eric Pakulla on June 16th, 2009 under Website Strategies

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Eric Bramlett joins the HomeGain Real Estate Blog

We are pleased to announce the addition of another fine writer to the HomeGain Real Estate Blog, Eric Bramlett. Eric comes to us from Austin Texas where he is the broker of record and co-owner of One Source Realty.

Eric brings a special brand of commitment to his customers. From his website : “I will offer you the latest in Real Estate marketing, and I am available to my clients 24/7. I believe in the Austin Texas Real Estate Market and I am personally invested.”

Eric also writes on the Bloodhound Blog and maintains his own Austin centric blog.

We look forward to Eric’s first post! Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on September 23rd, 2008 under Guest Bloggers


Tangled in the Web

I don’t feel like an old-timer, but I’m absolutely ancient in the real estate field.

At the beginning of my 23 year career, we did not have cell phones, fax machines, or personal computers. Remember the MLS books – and the rush to the pay phones to check on your messages when you were out of town?

Well, a lot has changed since then, and luckily, I have adapted with the changes – while many other Realtors® have not.

Realtors who used to sell more houses than me are still doing things the way they used to do them and their business has dropped way off.

What’s the biggest change? Obviously, the Web.

Nowadays that’s where most buyers start their home search – so that’s where you need to spend your time and money.

My sales derived from my website have increased by 50% each of the last 3 years. Last years, I had 47 sales that I can attribute to my website. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Barry Karch on January 21st, 2008 under Online Marketing


The Website Leap of Faith

This year something significant took place that resulted in a huge increase in my business.

The Leap of Faith

In fact, it became necessary for me to transition from being a “part-timer” into becoming a full-time REALTOR® in order to accommodate all my new clients!

Here’s how it happened.

Until recently, my business efforts were based primarily on what other agents were doing, and frankly, my business wasn’t growing like I wanted. I was doing a mediocre job at working Internet leads from a “so-so” website.

It wasn’t until I found Myers and HomeGain that my business started growing exponentially. This is all about the power of the Internet. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on November 23rd, 2007 under BuyerLink & AIMS, Online Marketing, Success Stories


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