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Columbus GA Real Estate Market Update – July 2009

The market in Columbus Ga MLS is typical of markets all across the country.  Sales are down.  That said, our economy is more stable than most and for this peach-georgia1reason we have not seen the dramatic drop in home prices.

Homes priced right and well maintained are still selling quickly.  Homes with any problems or that are overpriced are being overlooked.

Here is a snapshot of 2008 vs. 2009 :

  • Home prices are down about 4%
  • Total Homes sold are down 21%
  • Home sales in the $100K to $200K level are only down 17.5%
  • Home sales in the $200K to $300K price level are down 35%
  • Home sales in the $300K to $450K price level are down 22%
  • Home sales in the $450K and up price level are down 27%

New home sales and foreclosures account for a large portion of the sales in the Columbus GA/Phenix City home market this year.  The normal resale homes are the ones really staying on the market.

So, it is very important for resale clients to price their homes aggressively and to have their homes in pristine condition when they go on the market!

Wayne will be hosting a session titled “Prospecting, Proposals, Pipeline: AgentEvaluator” at HomeGain Live Nation in San Francisco on August 3rd at 2pm. Twitter it #homegainnation.

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Posted by: Wayne Long on July 30th, 2009 under Regional


4 Tips To Building a Real Estate Team

To grow a city you need infrastructure. To grow a Real Estate team you need the same thing.

I say this because my wife Donna and I tried to grow a team before we were ready. I see other Realtors do the same thing we did. They are successful right out of the gate so they want to duplicate that success with a team. The problem is that they do not have the systems and other key growth factors in place to make a “team” successful.

A team needs 4 key items in place before they will be able to grow successfully.

1) A team needs systems in place to handle leads, client care, and all the problems that are inevitable in Real Estate. Without systems the ball will get dropped a lot and everyone will get frustrated. One agent may do very well without systems because of their force of personality or their contact base but this is not something that is easily duplicated. To grow a team you need systems that will allow everyone to duplicate success if they just follow the system!

2) The team needs an adequate amount of leads to keep everyone busy. Without leads Realtors die on the vine. Again, they will get frustrated and begin to drift. Your team needs leads and/or the tools to acquire leads or they will become a group with a bad attitude and it is downhill from there. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Wayne Long on May 13th, 2009 under Best Practices


Live Life By Design

What do you want to accomplish with your life? How do you want to be remembered? In the end what will people say about you and more importantly what would you say about the life you lived?

I am a huge proponent of goal setting because I know that if we set goals and then work towards them it is amazing how much easier it is to reach the goals and how much easier decisions become. Every year my wife, Donna, and I write down our goals like how many transactions we want, and what we want our GCI to be, along with personal goals like family time, or exercise goals, etc. These are very effective drivers for us, and we usually achieve most of the goals we set each year and many times exceed them. As we make decisions through the year, we analyze how or if a certain decisions will help us reach our individual goals.

The fact is that most people don’t really set goals.

They make new years resolutions or wish lists, but they don’t really make well thought out goals and then plan their year’s activities to achieve those goals. The ones who do are usually top producers or top achievers in whatever endeavors they undertake. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Wayne Long on March 31st, 2009 under Motivation


What’s Your Plan?

Moving into 2009 I was thinking that the Realtors who plan are going to be the ones who survive and thrive. How many transactions do you want to do in 2009?

Most Realtors will answer quickly that they want as many as they can get. This is true but I personally think you will get the number you plan to get.

What seems to work for many top producers is to set a goal of how many transactions they want to have and then plan there activities based on those goals. There are industry standards that will tell you how many met contacts you need in your database to get a certain number of transactions for the year. How many website visitors you need to get a certain number of transactions from the web? It is the same for your farm and listings.

OK so how can this work for me?  I know that is the question you are asking.

So let’s take an example. Mr. Real Estate Agent would like to do 40 transactions next year. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Wayne Long on December 22nd, 2008 under Motivation


Anatomy of a Great Real Estate Website

We are all pretty much in agreement now that people are looking for homes on the internet. So my question is: What is the make up of a great Real Estate website?

I have some ideas and maybe others in this community can help me expand on those ideas. I am thinking of reworking my site “Homes in Columbus GA” and would love to hear your thoughts. Here are a few things that I have been thinking.

  1. Search Capabilities. A great Realtor Website should first and foremost have great search capabilities as most potential clients want be able to search homes in your area. If you are worried about giving this information away – don’t be – because someone is going to provide the information and you want to be the one they turn to for info. a) Map Search
    b) Lots of ways to search: Subdivision, Areas, MLS #, City, etc.
    c) Pictures

  2. Visual Appeal. A great site should also be pleasing to the eyes.  a) Colors should be pleasant and indicative of your company and personality
    b) Uncluttered - just like staging a house

  3. Memorable. Check out my friend Cal Carter’s site for Gulf Shores Condos – Gotta love that Crab! Continue reading this post

Posted by: Wayne Long on November 12th, 2008 under Website Strategies


7 Strategies to Stay in the Groove

I have noticed that in almost all sales – Real Estate is no exception – salespeople tend to have up and down cycles in their sales stream. Most just attribute this to luck but I think there is more to it than that. I think they work hard to create leads and then when they are working the leads they stop generating new ones.

This creates a cycle where leads are generated, then there are sales, then there’s a down period, and the cycle begins again. In my opinion, it is important to cut out the down periods by continually creating new leads and improving all systems.

It seems that the same type scenario occurs in all phases of our business. Whether we are working on leads, systems, or marketing. We get motivated and work hard to generate or improve and then we cycle into a sloppy phase.

So…my question is how do we stay motivated to continually improve our lead generation techniques, systems, marketing, etc.?

Here are some ideas to stay in the groove: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Wayne Long on August 18th, 2008 under Motivation


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