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Save Money, Be Healthier and Increase Your Business by Greening Your Life, Business and Home

It was 2007 when I had my consciousness raised to pay attention to the plight of the planet‚Äôs resources. I admit to feeling pretty overwhelmed and inadequate when it came to solving the problems. It all seemed to me there was too much to do and it didn‚Äôt really affect me ‚Äď surely ‚Äúsome‚ÄĚ authority was taking care of it. As the week went by I was haunted by the things I had heard; but how could I make a difference? EcoStaging¬ģ was born that night. I realized the people who I teach could be an army to spread the message of conservation of resources. I am in the real estate staging industry, we come in contact daily with agents and sellers who want a marketing edge for the property they are selling‚Ķ what better marketing edge than saving money while helping the planet?

What I learned was it was all too much for many; people didn’t understand how it affected them directly, how it improved their health, how they saved money or how it was a marketing edge for business.

I am an early adopter; five years later I see the world catching up with increasing interest in wanting to understand the who, what, where and how.

The simple ways it affects any household:

Seventy percent of all energy consumption in North America is used by households. By paying attention to simple things you can reduce your energy bill and increase your savings. Things like changing regular light bulbs to CFL, they use less energy, give the same amount of light but they last seven to ten years so you save money two ways!

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Posted by: Christine Rae on November 18th, 2011 under Green Real Estate


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