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Top 10 Most Effective Real Estate Marketing Strategies (August 2010)

Referrals remain in top spot; YouTube and video sites bump blogging from last place; Agents get lower results from print marketing toward end of year

Announcing the results of the HomeGain Realtor® Marketing Preferences Survey reflective of cumulative data from May and August surveys.

Based on responses from over 1,200 real estate agents and brokers nationwide, the results show a large dependence on referrals for acquiring new clients, with a cumulative overall score of 8.9 out of a possible 10 for effectiveness, which is slightly higher than Realtors indicated in the December-February HomeGain Realtor Marketing Survey.

Leads from their brokers and events, which includes open houses and fairs, are considered the next two most effective marketing strategies, replacing featured listings and email campaigns as indicated in the December-February survey.

Postcards and mailers were bumped from the fourth rank in the December-February survey to sixth, but for August results alone, it was scored as the eighth most effective strategy. Print ads were bumped off the list as a most effective marketing tactic, but listed as their ninth top marketing objective.

Survey results show a substantial decline in agents’ marketing results with blogging (moving from the fifth spot to eleventh spot since February), but an increase in social networking, which includes Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and LinkedIn, particularly with Facebook.

Agents’ opinion of how effective getting leads from their brokers was scored 6.0 in the May HomeGain Realtor Marketing Survey and decreased to 5.5 in August. Similarly, agents scored the effectiveness of participating in real estate focused events a 5.3 in May and only 4.7 in August.

Four least effective strategies and marketing objectives that did not make either top 10 list, from highest to lowest score, are blogging, outdoor ads, pay per click and banner ads.

Top 10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Realtors:

  1. Referrals (Total score of 8.9 out of 10)
  2. Leads From Your Broker (5.7)
  3. Events (5.0)
  4. Featured Listings (4.7)
  5. Email Campaigns (4.6)
  6. Postcards/Mailers (4.5)
  7. Craigslist (4.3)
  8. Social Networking (4.3)
  9. Online Lead Generation Services (4.3)
  10. YouTube / Video Sites (3.8)

(Cumulative Averages, 1=least effective/10 most effective)

Top 10 Marketing Objectives for Realtors in 2010:

  1. Referrals (8.8 out of 10)
  2. Leads From Your Broker (6.0)
  3. Events (5.7)
  4. Email Campaigns (5.3)
  5. Craigslist (5.0)
  6. Postcards/Mailers (5.0)
  7. Social Networking (4.9)
  8. Featured Listings (4.9)
  9. Print Ads (4.2)
  10. Online Lead Generation Services (4.0)

(Cumulative Averages, 1=least likely to use/10 most likely to use)

Surveyed agents indicated that they will continue to focus on referrals as their leading marketing strategy for the remainder of 2010, followed by leads from their brokers, events and email campaigns respectively. Craigslist moves up to the fifth top objective, and featured listings moves down from the fourth to the eighth top objective.

Cumulative averages are based on two surveys conducted in March and August 2010.

HomeGain conducts regular surveys of Realtors, including the HomeGain Home Improvement Survey, a quarterly HomeGain Home Prices Survey, and a Green Home Improvement Survey. The 2010 fourth quarter HomeGain Home Prices Survey results will be announced next month.

HomeGain’s AgentView online marketing program provides real estate agents with several of the top 10 most effective marketing practices for reaching potential home buyers and sellers in an all-in-one, exclusive and ad-free platform.


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on May 30th, 2010 under HomeGain Surveys, Polls

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Real Estate Trends: Rental Market

Proverbs 20:14 – “Its no good, its no good!” says the buyer; then off he goes and boasts about his purchase.

The economy has been wreaking havoc on on rental owners as well as home owners. The great unwinding of the debt economy and the collapse of available credit has caused job loss, underemployment and a recession psychology causing consumers to pull back, not being sure if they are next to loss work.  Afraid of catching a falling knife, prospective buyers are waiting on  the sidelines.

The housing industry has been pinging property owners to try and get a sense of the degree of difficulty out there. I wanted to share with you some of what these surveys reveal. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Howard Sobel on September 2nd, 2009 under Guest Bloggers, Market Trends


Realtors’® View of Direction of Home Values Varies Widely By State

More than 2/3 of Realtors® Surveyed in California, Massachusettes, Michigan and New York See Further Decline in Home Prices in Next Six Months

More than 2/3 of Realtors® Surveyed in Pennsylvania Texas, Ohio, Georgia, Ohio, Colorado and Washington See Flat or Rising Home Prices in Next Six Months

Last week HomeGain released nationwide, regional and state survey data on Realtor’s opinions on home values and the Obama stimulus plan.

While the national survey data revealed generally a poor housing market, the results were not uniform.

A closer look at the state survey data shows that while the majority of Realtors in many states are expecting further home price declines in the coming six months, large percentages of Realtors in other states are expecting higher home prices.

There were a few where more than 50% of the Realtors surveyed believed that home prices would stay the same.

Of note was Pennsylvania where more than 3 of 4 Realtors surveyed expect no change in home prices in the coming six months.

Below are the results of our survey that indicate by state the percentage of Realtors that think home prices will rise, fall or stay the same:

Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on March 16th, 2009 under Home Prices, Home Values, HomeGain, HomeGain Market Data, Market Trends, Polls


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