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HomeGain Advisors’ April 2010 Insight

HomeGain Advisors Group – April 2010 Conference Call Recap

The HomeGain Advisors met for their quarterly meeting last week on Thursday, April 22nd. The Advisors represent top real estate agents across the country who provide insight into HomeGain products and services, market trends and Realtor behavior.hg_adv_grp2010

We had several interesting discussions with our Advisors Group last week that are worth sharing with our Blog readers — about market conditions, overcoming issues created by appraisers, and whether there may be implications from either terminating or extending the first time buyer tax credit .

Market Conditions

Agent Advisors in Massachusetts and Maryland reported that the market (and business) is good. Maryland foreclosures and short sales are drying up. Colorado is seeing an uptick — although there are still a lot of foreclosures, there are less short sales.

Arizona and Florida real estate agents reported the market continues to decline, with lots of foreclosures and people still defaulting. In Florida, it was reported the real estate market has 40% short sales — and one agent commented that he had only 4,968 listings vs. over 8,000 at the same time in previous years.

Appraiser Issues Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peter McCullough on April 30th, 2010 under HomeGain

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Real Estate Agents’ Success Recognized In 9 States

Today HomeGain announced that it has inducted 13 real estate agent members in 9 states into its AgentEvaluator® clubs.

“As we celebrate our 11th year in business this week, and after a tough few years in real estate, it is extremely encouraging to see HomeGain agent members in several different states closing home sale transactions, and experiencing ongoing results from our online marketing programs,” noted Louis Cammarosano

The 13 real estate agent inductees are for March-April 2010 are:new_club_members_0410_revc

  1. Nancy Pearson, Pearson Realty, CA (Platinum Club)
  2. John W. King, Keller Williams Realty, CA (Platinum Club)
  3. Ruby Henderson, RE/MAX One Realty, NC (Platinum Club)
  4. Bill and Terrie Hoyle, Sun Realty, FL (Platinum Club)
  5. Diana McBride, Keller Williams Realty Cityside, GA (Gold Club)
  6. Andi Lynne, Lynne & Associates, NV (Gold Club)
  7. Lisa Hench, Coldwell Banker, CA (Gold Club)
  8. Jeff Ambrugy, Real Estate One, MI (Silver Club)
  9. Andy McKay, McKay & Associates Real Estate, UT (Silver Club)
  10. Melanie Hurwitz, Prudential Real Estate Professionals, OR (Silver Club)
  11. Grant House, Realty One Group, NV (Silver Club)
  12. Debbie Sloan, Coldwell Banker United, Realtors, NC (Silver Club)
  13. RE/MAX Property Center, NJ (Silver Club)

HomeGain’s AgentEvaluator clubs now include a total of 913 real estate agents, and have earned over $100 million dollars worth of  real estate commissions since 1999.

Set forth below is the complete list of HomeGain club members:

  • Four new HomeGain Platinum Club members (totaling 358 members who have earned $125,000 or more)
  • Three new HomeGain Gold Club members (totaling 286 members who have earned $75,000 or more)
  • Six new HomeGain Silver Club members (totaling 245 members who have earned $50,000 or more)

There are currently 24 members in the Diamond Club for earning $500,000 or more in gross commissions from HomeGain, and two members in the HomeGain Million Dollar Club.


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on April 27th, 2010 under AgentEvaluator, HomeGain

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Listen to the Press Call: Q1 2010 Home Prices Survey

Last week we met with Realtor® survey respondents and members of the press to discuss the results of the Q1 2010 Home Prices Survey on HomeGain Radio.hg_radio

Thanks to all of the real estate agents and members of the press for their participation!

If you didn’t have a chance to attend, listen to the 30-minute real estate press call here:

News coverage of the March Home Prices Survey includes: Herald Tribune, Tampa Tribune, Baltimore Sun, San Diego Union Tribune, California Real Estate Journal, North Carolina Star, Dallas Morning News, Real Estate Channel, OC Metro Minute, Tampa Bay Online, RIS Media, DS News, Real Estate Economy Watch, United Press International, AIM Group, Inman News. Read all news stories

Listen to more press calls

On the call from Jessica Gopalakrishnan, Peter McCullough, and Louis Cammarosano


Posted by: Peter McCullough on April 8th, 2010 under HomeGain Radio

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Look Ma … No Net!! (5 Reasons This Is NOT A Good Idea)

Used to be not having a net was a sign of your proficiency. Back in the day before a thousand people got killed an hour in television dramas, people looked to other means to get their “need for a buzz” satiated. Who can forget August 7, Reckless person1974, when high-wire performer Philippe Petit amazed the residents of lower Manhattan by going for a high wire stroll between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Without a net.

It’s different today. Now we watch things like this every day on TV, and, after the person falls to their death, we see close ups of the gore as CSI teams come in and prove it was actually murder, not a gust of wind that caused the latest victim’s demise. The thing that used to make these types of events so thrilling was the fact that the deed was done …

Without a net.

Nowadays, circus unions ensure that nets are in place to protect the safety of the participants. The thrill is gone because the potential of possible demise has been replaced with the theatrics of flawlessly executed maneuvers done with ever increasing degrees of difficulty, outlandish costumes or a combination of both. It’s just not the same.

There is still, however, an arena where participants still perform their death defying acts without a net. It happens every day, and it’s far more common than many realize. The arena is real estate, and the performers are …


A strange thing happened a few days ago. Someone tried to send me a fax. It’s not that I don’t have a fax machine. I have a really nice one, in fact. I just don’t use it anymore. There’s no need to. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on April 7th, 2010 under Online Marketing

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Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies For Real Estate Agents

How effective are the different marketing options out there for you as a Realtor? What are other Realtors doing that you aren’t…but should be?

Thanks to over 1,300 real estate agents and brokers who completed the HomeGain Realtor Marketing Survey in December 2009 and March 2010, the results are in! HomeGain today announced the survey results for the top most effective marketing methods of Realtors® in a national press release today.

Top 10 Effective Marketing Strategies for Realtors*:

  1. Referrals (Scored 8.7 out of a possible 10)top-10-marketing-strategies1
  2. Featured Listings (4.8)
  3. Email Campaigns (4.7)
  4. Postcards/Mailers (4.6)
  5. Blogging (4.1)
  6. Online Lead Generation Services (4.0)
  7. Facebook (4.0)
  8. LinkedIn (3.6)
  9. Outdoor Ads (3.6)
  10. Print Ads (3.6)

* (Cumulative Average Scores, 1 = Least Effective /10 = Most Effective)


On the survey Realtors indicated that they think getting referrals is the most effective strategy to acquire new clients, with a cumulative overall score of 8.7 out of a possible 10 for effectiveness. Surveyed agents indicated that they will continue to focus on referrals as their leading marketing strategy in 2010.

Featured listings (4.8 effectiveness score) and email campaigns (4.7) were considered the next most effective marketing strategies.

Social Media

The survey shows that Realtors rank YouTube (3.5), Twitter (3.3), banner ads (3.2), pay per click advertising (3.2) and MySpace (3.0) as the least effective marketing methods.

Although Realtors did not indicate Facebook as a top 5 most effective marketing method (scored at 4.9), surveyed agents indicated that they will increase their use of it in their marketing plans in 2010.

2010 Marketing Goals Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on March 11th, 2010 under HomeGain Market Data, HomeGain Surveys


HomeGain Award Club Members Reach Over $100 Million Dollars in Commissions

This week HomeGain announced in a press release that its commissions based award clubs for its AgentEvaluator® product has grown to include 900 HomeGain members. HomeGain award club members have now earned over $100 million dollars* worth of real estate commissions since 1999 when HomeGain was founded!

“We are pleased to add 15 more HomeGain members to our commissions based award clubs,” stated Louis Cammarosano, General Manager at HomeGain. “In today’s market finding a quality real estate agent is a priority for many home buyers and sellers. With HomeGain’s AgentEvaluator program, consumers can find and compare Realtors® to help them with their real estate transactions.”

“HomeGain has been a great referral source for us throughout our careers,” stated Robert Gosalvez & Gary Shapiro of Intero Real Estate Services in California. “We recently became Diamond level referral agents; as a result, we’ve been going on more buyer and seller interviews. More often than not, we are successful in taking the listing once we’ve had the opportunity to interview or been selected to help the buyer, so HomeGain has played a large part in our success.”

Club members inducted since December include: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on February 27th, 2010 under AgentEvaluator, HomeGain

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