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The Key to the Kingdom is Not the Keyword: Why You Must Market Offline

The Gospel According to NAR

I had read the Gospel according to NAR (National Association of Realtors)‚ÄĒ77% of buyers use the internet to search for homes.

The NARstat is sacred dogma, incessantly chanted by mainstream media and the bloggerati. It provides the philosophical foundation for the agent congregation putting their listings on all manner of real estate websites, especially, the largest real estate church on the net.

The NARstat requires agents do penance and upgrade to the revered ‚Äúfeatured listing‚ÄĚ pews. To question the holy NARstat would be a blasphemy akin to questioning the earth‚Äôs roundness (actually, the earth is an oblate spheroid, but I digress.)

The NARstat also justifies, to a large extent, the agent‚Äôs participation and marketing in the new Web 2.0 world where the Google keyword prayer box promises to bring roaming client pilgrims to the agent‚Äôs blog or their Truzilfacespace profile‚ÄĒleading to blessed business and salvation for all. But, are we worshipping a false god at the Tower of Google?

The Internet Reformation

Last summer, I took a little RV cross-country trip with Rudy, my partner at the time. We set out to spread the Word of Web 2.0 to the masses, who we suspected were unbelieving techno-pagans. Our odyssey took us to over 30 cities‚ÄĒplaces like Boston, Philly, D.C., NYC, Atlanta, Orlando, Miami, Tampa, St. Pete, Chicago, St. Paul, Denver, Phoenix, San Diego, Sacramento, Reno, Seattle, Portland, Salt Lake City, Boise, San Francisco -‚ÄĒ and all the Waffle Houses in between.

We interviewed real folks young and old, owners and renters‚ÄĒto discover how and where they looked for the places they call home. After 5 weeks on the road and 10,000 miles logged on this beautiful country‚Äôs highways and byways, it was I who began to question my internet marketing faith. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on May 28th, 2008 under Best Practices, Guest Bloggers, Realtor


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