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Apartment Vacancy Rate Hits Two-Decade Record

The economy’s decline leveled off significantly from April through June, confirming  that the worst is behind us.

gdpGDP declined at an annualized rate of 1 percent in the second quarter, after shrinking an amazing 6.4 percent earlier this year. But consumer spending, 70 percent of economic activity,  continues to fall as Americans continue to save and  reduce debt. Economists express concern that our basic spending habits have been permanently altered by this great recession. This is also having an effect on rentals as renters downsize or insist on rent reductions.

With this as a backdrop we looked at rental rates which a are a prime factor in evaluating a property. We clearly have a long way to go. The Dept of Commerce chart indicates we are at a fragile beginning of a recovery. The key to successful property ownership now will be to keep it occupied and ride this out. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Howard Sobel on August 6th, 2009 under Market Trends


Use HomeGain or Blog?

Welcome to world of online marketing. Everybody’s doing it! I recognized that Web 2.0 had legs when I watched a model leverage a Myspace profile into a TV show. I choose to wrangle the herd by blogging.

While I’ve had some success, it didn’t come easy. Many real estate agents and mortgage originators believe that blogging is the “little purple pill”, prescribed to cure all their marketing woes. Others subscribe to business models like HomeGain, in hopes that it has the “magic tonic”.

I believe that real estate agents should have marketing systems to generate enough interest to meet their annual business goals. I think you should use the Millionaire Real Estate Agent model. That model, perfected by Gary Keller, is, without reservation, the finest way to market a real estate practice to would-be buyers and sellers.

It’s simple. You’ll close one transaction for every twelve “mets” you have in your database. If you’re practicing the principle of “buying brain cells”, through systematic multi-media marketing, you can Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Brady on February 4th, 2008 under Guest Bloggers


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