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How To Make Moving Efficient And Easier On Everyone

Poll the average person and ask them what they think of having to move to a new residence and the answer won’t be all peaches and sunshine. It’s certain that almost can agree that having to move can be a time-consuming necessity, but nonetheless it’s a necessity. Settling on a new place can be a chore in and of itself, and having to plan, pack and unpack is on deck.

And procrastinating won’t get you any further, either. In fact, having a plan in place and the motivation to see through it is what separates an easy move from a loathsome one. With that said, below are a few basic tips to making the most from your move.

The Plan Before The Plan

Right off the bat, you must decide if you have the time and energy to do the move yourself or if you should hire a professional to do the task instead. There’s probably an abundance of moving companies around your area, but if you have some spacious trucks and a few helping hands to do if for you, that’s another option. Just make sure you’ve got this one decided before doing anything else.

Lists, Lists And More Lists!

Grab the nearest legal pad and start surveying your possessions. Make a note of every one, from the most fragile to the sturdiest. What this does is allow you to see just how much clutter you have in your home and you’ll know whether or not a garage sale is in order, or better yet, you can donate them to local charities.

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3 Easy Ways To Get Organized For A Move

Moving homes is an organizational challenge like none other. Your entire routine is based around the home, so moving can feel like a real upheaval to your whole life. Not to mention that a move means coming to terms with the amount of junk you have collected over the years! But when you do it right, moving can be a great time to implement new organization strategies, and can even jumpstart new habits and hobbies. Try some of these simple ways to get and stay organized throughout your move:

1. Visualize your new home. Visualization isn’t just a new age goal-setting technique. Imagining your new home filled with your current possessions is an essential component of moving. You may even create a sketch of your new home where you can draw and mark in where you would like to place all your furniture. Having this blueprint in place will create a sense of purpose and will feel like a plan of action. Make decisions about the things you want to bring with you to have in your new house before you start packing. If that faded floral love seat is going to clash with the modern lines of your new living room, this is the right time to donate it or sell it at a garage sale.

2. Label, then label again. When it comes to labeling, we all have the best of intentions. For example, at the beginning of the move, you may be dutifully marking every box with the room it belongs in and the contents it contains. However, after some long hours of packing, you may find that those careful labels have dissolved into a crooked “Miscellaneous” scrawled on every box. Avoid this disintegration by making labels before you even begin packing. Most computer programs have a setting for label makers. Make a few dozen for each room, and then affix a label to each side of your boxes. If your children will be assisting, you can pre-label their boxes for them, or even give them special colored stickers for them to affix to their boxes.

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Moving Your Real Estate Business

Part 1: Starting Over

The decision was made to move my business from Wisconsin to Florida.  I’ll leave all the reasons behind this decision in this post, however it’s my goal for you to take a new look at your business from another angle.

So often we’ve heard the 3 L’s (Location, Location, Location), yet I should point out that as Realtors® we don’t choose our own location.  Instead we sell where we live — after all it’s where we live right?  I must say that the most valuable lesson I learned in business so far is that “you have to give, in order to get.” (That’s another post.)

My family and I chose to give up our Real Estate business and lives as we knew it, and move to Florida.  Currently I am negotiating a deal at liquidation value with another firm to take over for Worthington Realty.  (Worthington Realty has been in business since 1954 in Manitowoc in case you’re wondering how hard this decision was.)

We said goodbye to our family and friends and days later were gone.  Hello, Florida!  Hello great weather, palm trees and expensive homes.  My wife and I have been craving year round nice weather for so many years.  Finally we did something about it. Continue reading this post


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