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HomeGain Members Cite Their Successes With BuyerLink – Up to $1 Million

bl_logoOn Monday, in anticipation of the HomeGain Live Nation Real Estate Forum on August 3rd in San Francisco, HomeGain will recognize several agent and broker members in a press release for their success with the HomeGain’s BuyerLink™ per-per-visit marketing program.

The press release will recognize Mitch Ribak of The eHomes Realty Network and Tropical Realty of Suntree in Florida, Debra Gravelle with RE/MAX Home Team Realty in Washington, Rosemary Mancuso of Keller Williams in Massachusetts, and Ron Petzel of Realty Executives in Florida.

Mr. Ribak is on track to sell 350 homes in 2009 with the help of the BuyerLink marketing program. “BuyerLink has helped me increase my business revenues year after year – it brings in over $110,000 per month,” said Mitch Ribak. “We get double the click-to-lead conversion rate using HomeGain versus Yahoo! and Google. We expect to earn over one million dollars in commissions coming from BuyerLink this year.”

Debra Gravelle stated, “I just calculated that I am now over $50,000 in commission from BuyerLink! That’s amazing considering a $600 a month budget.”

“Since September of 2008 I have spent $5,400 and have made back $72,355 in income just from BuyerLink,” said Rosemary Mancuso. Plus, I have 24 home sales pending. HomeGain’s leads are very high quality and I rely on the traffic they send me.” Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on July 17th, 2009 under BuyerLink & AIMS

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Is Social Networking Making You Anti-Social?

When I was just a young pup in the real estate business, a mentor of mine spoke a few words that I’ve kept tucked away in the back of my head to pull out when I need to. 

He wisely spoke, “no matter how you attempt to generate business, it always gets down to going nose to nose and belly to belly with people.”

I can’t help but think about his words many years later as social media has taken a big bite out of my day. Five years ago neither blogging nor tweeting was in my vocabulary and posting photos on Facebook or Flickr wasn’t in the picture (excuse my pun). 

In the last two years, I’ve been to more than a few conferences and attended a whole bunch of technology panels. Heck, I’ve even been a panelist several times myself. What I found is that many of the “experts” may be whizzes at social media but they aren’t experts in real estate.

Don’t get me wrong, I learn a lot from these folks about technology. I take good notes and put what they have to say into practice. But it suddenly occurred to me that something is missing from the resume of many real estate social media speakers and panelists: real estate experience. (As in selling a whole bunch of houses kind of experience.) I worry that newcomers to the business think that social media is the magic bullet when it really should only be a part (maybe a small part) of their prospecting efforts.  Continue reading this post


Posted by: Linda Davis on June 2nd, 2009 under Blogging and Social Networking


The Police Are Following Me!

Last week, an email landed in my inbox with the subject line “Ledyard Police is now following you on Twitter.”  I admit it was a bit disconcerting.  Actually, I freaked out temporarily when I realized I was one of only 3 people being followed.  I ran into“Ledyard Police” a few nights later.  I’m a member of the Ledyard Town Council and we were discussing the police budget.  (Honestly, I don’t make this stuff up.)  As it turns out  “Ledyard Police” was following me for all the right reasons.  It seems that police departments in the area are considering Twitter as another resource to notify residents in case of emergencies.

I joined Twitter in 2007. Back then it was intimate, like the bar where everyone knew your name.  Since then Twitter has exploded. When someone in the industry follows me, I usually oblige and follow back. As a result, it is often hard to find the good stuff among the noise of people I don’t really know.  Fortunately, applications like Tweetdeck allow me to create groups and weed out those that don’t contribute to my Twitter objectives.

Like “Ledyard Police”, each user has his own reason for following and being followed on Twitter.  I was attracted to Twitter because of the 140 character limit. I seldom read blog posts beyond a few paragraphs.  I don’t need the War and Peace version of an opinion on short sales.

Whether I’m speaking as a Town Councilor, writing a blog post or debating politics, I’ve always been a woman of few words, many of them an attempt to be witty.  “Brevity is the soul of wit” is my mantra.  I doubt I could ever write a book.  I’m sure I would bore myself before the final chapter.  

I don’t have any expectations from Twitter as far as putting commission dollars in my pocket.  For me Twitter is more of a resource for making industry connections, following breaking news and events, and picking up tips on the latest and greatest technology.  I’d give it “5 Stars” for meeting those expectations.

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Posted by: Linda Davis on April 2nd, 2009 under Blogging and Social Networking


Use What I’ve Got

This year, like most, I wrote my business plan between Thanksgiving and Christmas. My overall business strategy includes a marketing plan and a technology plan. For 2009, I added a social media plan. Typically when New Year’s Eve rolls around, I throw in a few New Year’s Resolutions and then off I go, hoping that the year turns out as planned or at least close.

This year my plans and resolutions took on a theme. I didn’t start out with a theme or intentionally create one, and I didn’t even realize I had a theme until I stepped back and took a look.

It appears that “Use what I’ve got” snuck into my business plan when I wasn’t even looking.

Upon review, I discovered that I already have all the tools needed for a very successful 2009.  I have more than enough websites and blogs and I am registered and active on social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. I can boast of all kinds of cool software and I have CD’s, books, and a account full of great links.  My file drawers are crammed with ideas that I’ve picked up at conferences and conventions. 

Unfortunately, I’m not using all of this good stuff to its full potential. If there was a “feature usage meter” on my technology tools, it would probably be reading less than 50%.  I even own software I’ve never used (that would be 0%) and books I haven’t read.  My websites and blogs require tweaking and my social networking profiles could stand an update. The task seems daunting but there is good news about implementing my business plan this year. The plan comes with a much smaller price tag than in the past.

I just need to “use what I’ve got” to accomplish my goals for 2009.


Posted by: Linda Davis on January 6th, 2009 under Best Practices

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Baby Boomers Were Not Created Equally

I annoyed a whole lotta folks on Bloodhound Blog. I told everyone that the parents were a better demographic than the kids and the cried heresy! Apparently, Web 2.0 agents have adopted the mantra of the very demographic I suggest they target;

Never trust anyone over 30.

That’s good advice for cell phone companies. If you’re in the real estate or lending business, you might focus your marketing efforts on the cash-heavy, real estate lovin’ Baby Boomers. Now I’m not suggesting you ignore the Gen X and Millennial demographics, I’m telling you they may not be worth your hard-earned marketing dollars until 2015. Ironically, Millenials may very well Twitter through their 20s, having conversations with agents, and turn to their parents for advice when it comes time to make the big home purchase. A Boomer-focused marketing strategy then could have double-barreled results.

Those darned Boomers influence EVERYBODY, don’t they?

I say, “if you you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em” and it would appear that most online marketers (including Web 2.0 real estate agents) are doing the exact opposite.

I promised to talk about ways to target the Baby Boomers, in a series, and wanted to invite the HomeGain Nation to join in on the conversation before I return to the series on Bloodhound Blog. In Part Two, I reveal that there are actually TWO demographic groups among the Baby Boomer generation: one is pretty well off and one is filled with angst. You can profit from both of them but you better treat them differently. The cool part is that all Baby Boomers LOVE real estate, regardless of their sub-demographic. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Brady on July 31st, 2008 under Guest Bloggers


Delivering Bad News

There is almost nothing more rewarding in the business of real estate then making the call to first time home buyers to tell them their offer has been accepted. In today’s market, calling sellers and telling them their house is sold can also provide an “I’m so glad I’m a Realtor feeling”.

Unfortunately, delivering bad news is also part of the job and I’ve been delivering it in large doses of late.

Despite the local facts and statistics, national print media headlines and on air reporting by the talking heads, many sellers believe their home is worth more than it is. It is my job, as the friendly local Realtor, to be welcomed into a seller’s home, burst their bubble, and otherwise ruin their perfect day.

Delivering bad news doesn’t come easy and is a learned skill. Having been through 3 market corrections over 3 decades, I have had a fair amount of practice in delivering bad news. I once had a seller burst into tears and although I appear tough, it was an effort to remain professional and not start bawling right along with her.

Hey, I don’t like this market either. Sniffle.

This week I’ve had the opportunity to take the wind out of the sails of two future sellers. As I delivered my CMA at possible listing #1, Mrs. Seller just stared and never said one word. Mr. Seller escorted me out Continue reading this post


Posted by: Linda Davis on July 5th, 2008 under Realtor


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