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Change in Realtor View on the Real Estate Market – First Half 2009

Last month the HomeGain Advisors met for its quarterly teleconference. We have met with our team of Realtor Advisors for the last two years and it has been valuable listening to how Realtor behavior, trends and perspectives change with the market.

Throughout the majority of 2008 and the first quarter of this year there seemed to be a similar somber tone from our Advisors. In January, our Advisors agreed that home prices and home sales were down, that foreclosures were rampant, and that things were difficult. By the end of April 2009, things seemed to have changed dramatically!

Overall Q2 Market Activity

HomeGain Advisors in the Northeast, West and South have indicated that they have become busier than ever been this second quarter (for the first time since early last year). Mid-West, particularly the Chicago real estate market , is reported to still be slow. It’s reported that the Massachusetts real estate market seems to have stabilized. In Georgia, although one agent’s business is bustling, the MLS itself is not busy.

This does raise some questions in terms of the cause of the increased activity. It is still a strong buyer’s market nationwide and interest rates are low.

What impact has Obama’s $8,000 tax incentive had on your business? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peter McCullough on May 11th, 2009 under Home Prices, Home Values, Polls

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Urban Myths about Real Estate Blogging

Since I speak in front of many real estate agents who don’t know a thing about blogs, I hear the same urban myths associated with blogs.

These myths seem to be circulating among real estate agents as a way to halt the spread of blogging in the real estate industry. Why? Some real estate agents who don’t believe they can blog, or just don’t want to see bloggers as their competition, are threatened by the success stories and buzz associated with blogging.

The urban myths get started in part as a way to preserve the status quo.

I admire and congratulate Louis, Jessica and their team for developing a blog forum on HomeGain, particularly when blogging (for lead generation) is perceived to be directly competitive to HomeGain’s business model of selling leads. And Louis knows it… Louis’ post, The Case Against Blogging is a direct poke… he defines by exclusion some of the obvious qualifications needed to Continue reading this post


Posted by: Pat Kitano on February 19th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, Guest Bloggers


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