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My iPad Excuse

This is my first blog post as a contributor on the Home Gain Blog. I appreciate the opportunity
to join the ranks of some of top-notch writers in the real estate industry.

I will admit it… I’m an Apple junkie. I drink the kool-aid and I drink it often. I’m one of those guys that clear my calendar for all the apple press events. I get excited every time I see my friend Steve Jobs walk out on stage with his black t-shirt and jeans.

When Apple announced the iPad I knew it was going revolutionize the tablet market. Of course I had it on pre-order and I rushed home from showing houses that Saturday afternoon to find it sitting nicely on my front porch (thanks FedEx). Of course, sitting on the couch playing with iPad was fun, but I wanted to get out and show it off! So, I whipped it out at my local Starbucks that week. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been interrupted as people stop to ask me “What is that?”, “Is that the new iPad?”, or “How are you liking that iPad?” This one tech gadget is a people magnet! Continue reading this post


Posted by: Ryan Crozier on December 1st, 2010 under HomeGain


Is Online Chat Making a Comeback for Websites?

One of the things that we tried a few years back at our brokerage, was to provide “online chat” on our website for visitors who wanted some quick information. The thought was that it would provide the user a better experience and that we would get many more leads because of it. We thought that the ability to provide an “instant response” would engage customers in conversation. That did not turn out to be the case. So we let the project drift for a couple of years.

So what has changed that may make this strategy become a more effective experience, marketing wise? For starters, many more websites in other industries are using it, so customers are becoming accustomed to it. Customer service off of websites has taken two routes as the battle to balance customer satisfaction while simultaneously reducing costs has raged. The first effort was to go offshore, but that has proven to be less than satisfactory to the user. Keeping a fully staffed 24 hour a day team here in the states was out of the cost range for the companies. Thus the popularity of online chat for support.

Add to that these following trends and we MAY have the making of a new option for real estate agents: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Eric Blackwell on September 9th, 2010 under Guest Bloggers, HomeGain, Technology


Is an iPhone Under Your Tree This Christmas?

If you had but one item you could purchase or have someone get for you as that special gift this year, I would highly recommend the Apple iPhone. 

Now hold on a minute, I know it’s got a steep price when you add in the service contract but we are talking about a productivity tool for all you Real Estate agents and Brokers out there.  Keep the receipt and you can take the tax deduction for it when tax time comes around.

What’s so special about the iPhone?  I am going to get to that in a moment. First let me tell you if you were not aware, that the continuation of Technology into the Real Estate world and the adoption by consumers to new ways of doing business continues to accelerate even though the economy is slowing.  The adoption of MOBILITY has hit mainstream with a vengeance.

So too will your need to understand and adapt quickly or YOU WILL lose market share to those that are savvy to catch on before you do.

You already know about blogging, it’s after all the reason why you’re reading this post anyways. If you’re behind the curve on blogging, you still have time to catch up here.  With many new phones on the market this year and in the years to come, broadband access is creeping into these phones and new and faster services along with them.  Providing you with new ways to reach out and touch your prospective clients. 

How? By giving them what they want.  Making sure that your website not only has the latest in Social Networking Tools but that you make sure your data is accessible to mobile platforms like Continue reading this post


Posted by: Thomas Townsend on December 13th, 2008 under Technology


HomeGain Launches iPhone Application For The HomeGain Real Estate Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of the HomeGain Real Estate Blog iPhone application.

The platform enables readers with iPhones to access and view HomeGain Blog articles in a customized format.

The HomeGain Blog automatically recognizes that it is being accessed by an iPhone, and delivers the iPhone interface.

No software downloads are required.

If you have an iPhone, please take a look.


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on October 2nd, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, HomeGain, Technology

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