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Real Estate 360 Live With Louis Cammarosano 12/3/12

On Monday December 3, 2012, Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of HomeGain, was a guest on the Real Estate 360 Live radio show on The Big Talker 1580 WHFS AM, hosted by Ryan Sloper.

Listen to the show.

Part 1 (13:19)

Ryan and Louis discuss the fiscal cliff. Ryan predicts that they will “kick the can down the road”. Ryan notes the proposal by Treasury Secretary Geithner made on behalf of the President to allow the President to unilaterally by pass Congress and raise the debt ceiling.

Louis notes that such a proposal is unconstitutional as Congress is in charge of the allocation of spending.Louis notes that politicians do not want to spend money responsibly but rather want to blame someone else for any cuts in spending. Louis describes the current situation as a “splendid mess”

Ryan notes that news of the fiscal cliff dominates the news cycle but was not mentioned at all during the Presidential election.

Louis notes that even if the fiscal cliff is not avoided and a deal not struck, it will be soon. Louis predicts that even if the tax increases kick in automatically the IRS may not take out the increased with holdings while Congress comes up with a tax cut and that Congress would re-institute any spending cuts.

Louis notes that fiscal cliff will be avoided one way or another and that the deficit will not be cut in any meaningful way.

Louis notes that with the massive amount of US debt there may be no point in either cutting spending or raising taxes as the bulk of the deficit will be covered merely by printing money.

Louis notes that taxing the rich is a sticking point for the Democrats and the President which indicates that people would rather see the money of the wealthy in the hands of the government even if there is waste fraud and abuse in the government.

Louis notes that its possible when you raise tax rates you could lose tax revenues as the rich may invest less in their businesses less and make less money so overall they will be fewer dollars in taxes.

Louis notes that the Fed not only prints money to pay off foreign creditors and investors but also prints money to buy US treasuries to fund the US deficits.

Louis notes that the Fed is not just the buyer of last resort of US treasuries but increasingly the only buyer as they are not buying 70%+ of all US treasuries with money printed out of thin air.

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Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on December 7th, 2012 under Louis Cammarosano on Real Estate Radio


5 Things That Make Real Estate Agents Cringe

Want to make your real estate agent cringe? Say any of these 5 things:

“We would like a tour.”

This usually translates into, “We don’t know the area. We are not ready to buy but would like you to drive us around for several hours showings us the area to see if we like it.” Despite what you may think, real estate agents love to sell homes but really do not want to give tours. If you have been selling real estate for awhile then you have probably given a tour. From my personal experience, people who are unwilling to hop in their own car and tour themselves around are not ready to buy.

“I’d rather find a house and then deal with financing.”

Years ago when just about anyone could get a mortgage this was not such a big deal. However, today it is a different story. Lending guidelines have changed dramatically. The last thing a real estate agent wants to do is go out and show a bunch of houses only to find out later that the buyer cannot get a mortgage. It seems like the pendulum has shifted too far to the other end. I have recently seen some very qualified buyers not get approved for financing. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Marc Rasmussen on August 23rd, 2010 under Guest Bloggers, Realtor


Holiday Season Helps in Home Sales?

It’s Friday evening and there’s a dusting of snow on the ground in Bethesda. The Washington, DC area is supposed to get up to 20 inches over the next 24 to 36 hours, which would be a record snowfall.  I’ve already canceled the 4 showings in Virginia for tomorrow.  Most were new houses and — even if we could safely get there –  no osnowmanne was willing to promise that driveways and walkways would be shoveled or plowed.

I’m hoping that the roads will be clear enough so that I can get out for the two scheduled showings that I have on Sunday.  The tenacity of many buyers here — despite the elements — reminds me how and why the holiday season can be a fruitful time for home sales.

Motivated Anyone?….

Home buyers who are asking to see homes in the last couple weeks of December with 2 feet of snow on the ground, aren’t going out for “fun” — unless they’re skiing from house to house in Vail or Beaver Creek :-)

In DC and much of the country?  Very few are going to be taking the roads for information gathering.  No, the majority of holiday buyers (at least in my experience) have done their research, and are “pushing on” because they need to buy a home.

And for those who don’t have to brave the elements this time of year (Sarasota, Florida, Austin, Texas…), there are still other commitments of the season.  And those who need/want to sacrifice some of this time are equally committed to the process.

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Posted by: Kevin Koitz on December 22nd, 2009 under Buying or Selling a Home


Are Online Consumers Real?

In many cases, the perception of an online consumer is that they are not real. The result is that they are not treated as a true prospect and, clearly, deals will not close due to this situation.

cat-surfing-internetThis perception is understandable since an online consumer is represented on a computer screen as a series of characters in an email address or in their name. The person is not standing in front of you. They have no pulse and you cannot look them in the eye.

Their preferred method of communication is email which, by its nature, maintains a certain level of anonymity. Due to this desire to remain anonymous, the online consumer controls the frequency, or even possibility, of contact.

This same desire prompts an online consumer to register false contact information on a real estate agent’s web site whether or not entering contact information is even necessary for the consumer to gather the information they want.

Clearly, this is a huge source of frustration and, in some cases, expense for an agent.

But, on the other hand… Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peter McCullough on September 14th, 2009 under Leads


Realtors with Integrity Earn Customers for Life

Instead of doing my usual educational post, I figured I would tell you a quick story that is the reason I stayed in Real Estate.

abraham-lincoln-integrity-values-moralsWhen I lost my Internet Company in 2000 after the big bubble burst, I was offered several jobs from Radio groups to handle their national Internet efforts.  They were pretty high paying jobs all over $200k per year.  However, after talking with my girlfriend, now my wife, I realized that I just didn’t want to spend every day of  the month traveling.  I had just done that for the past several years and I was beat!

A friend of my better half was in Real Estate and she kept telling me I should get into Real Estate.  It’s a lot of work but with my personality I would do great…so she told me.  Continue reading this post


Posted by: Mitch Ribak on September 12th, 2009 under Lives of The Realtors


The Silver Lining

Realtor at a HouseThere are tons of media reports out there reporting on the real estate market in varying shades of mostly gray. You can’t log on to Inman News or Trulia and miss that it’s a little gloomy out there.

In fact, there are so many yard sale signs popping up on Zillow you almost can’t see the “homes for the ‘for sale’ signs”.

To their credit, Realtors® are adept at staying focused and getting the job done.

In fact, just the other day I heard from one of my long-time customers, Anthony Marguleas of Amalfi Estates in Los Angeles. Anthony deliberately surrounds himself with positive people and told me, “Business has been busy here and I just have to hustle a lot more. I am working to surround myself with positive people.”

That got me to thinking. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peggy Boehm on October 29th, 2007 under Realtor


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