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Why Have Your Clicks Managed?

Why is HomeGain’s BuyerLink program successful for our business? It is just PPC (pay per click), isn’t it? Couldn’t I do this myself and save money? Wouldn’t it be better to just use the natural search and not pay for clicks at all?

These are all valid questions I have asked myself – especially in a tough market like this – and I am sure I am not the only one asking! We all need to run our budgets as lean and mean as possible right now.

Isn’t the BuyerLink program just PPC and couldn’t I do this myself?

BuyerLink is a form of PPC but it is professionally administered. There is a whole learning curve involved with learning to run a successful PPC campaign. You will pay for this learning curve in one way or another. We could run it ourselves and just make the mistakes that are inherent when an amateur attempts something like this. That is one way to pay for it.

Another way is to simply hire someone to teach us. This is another form of payment but what if things change and the skills we learn become obsolete? Will we be able to keep up with current trends? Probably not.

The final way to pay for PPC is simply to allow HomeGain to administer it for us with skilled professionals who do this every day. To me that makes the most sense as I have other things to do and this is not my expertise. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Wayne Long on April 15th, 2008 under Best Practices, BuyerLink & AIMS


ActiveRain Agents Take Heed of Linda’s Dirty Little Secrets

Linda Davis’ combined comments from her 2 part blog posts, “My Dirty Little Secrets”, on ActiveRain totals to an impressive 234!

She’s honest and frank and voices a side that I’m certain a lot of other agents feel as well.

In Linda’s part 1 ActiveRain blog post she reveals that she still sends out postcards and a newsletter. She doesn’t feel guilty for licking stamps versus sending out drip marketing emails, because her clients respond to her and would lose 40% of her business if she stopped.

Her part 2 blog post reveals that she uses HomeGain’s BuyerLink program, which has been responsible for an extra 25 sales a year for her team for the past few years.

Here are some comments generated by ActiveRain readers:

“Thanks for sharing! I’ve been paying about $0.75 – $1.00 per click on Google AdWords to drive potential buyers / sellers to my website, so I think I may give that a rest for a few months and give HomeGain a try.” Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on March 10th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, BuyerLink & AIMS, Guest Bloggers

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Building the Pipeline with HomeGain’s BuyerLink

We’ve heard all the arguments about lead generation companies. It’s been debated on blogs, in real estate forums and at office meetings. I recently read a blog comment which likened a certain lead generation company to a drug dealer.

Pretty strong stuff.

I’m the little guy with a little office. Even though I work for a franchise, I can’t personally compete in my area with the big franchises or the public MLS when it comes to driving traffic to my IDX website. If you do a search using the most sought after search terms in my area, all the big franchises are right there on the top of the first page, along with HomeGain and a few other lead aggregators. They can afford to outspend me to get there.

Blogging does keep me competitive with the big guys. As far as long tail searches, my blog is all I need, and I can outmaneuver the best of them on that playing field. But being the competitive person that I am, I wanted anther tool in my arsenal. In 2005 I signed on to HomeGain’s BuyerLink. At that time I had 3 buyer’s agents and needed to keep them fed with a good supply of leads. HomeGain generated about 30% of our team income that first year by driving traffic to our IDX site. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Linda Davis on February 27th, 2008 under BuyerLink & AIMS, Success Stories


Understanding Lead Capture and Conversion

It’s been a fun couple of years watching the real estate world trying to catch on to the realities of the “New” Real Estate and the importance of the Internet.

On a weekly basis I get many phone calls about how agents can maximize their websites and Internet Leads. It still amazes me that most Realtors® do not use the Internet.

Of course if you are using HomeGain’s BuyerLink program you are heading in the right direction.

How many of you have Real Estate Websites? Go ahead, raise your hands! Ok, now how many of you actually get business from your Websites? I don’t see many hands out there. So let’s take a few minutes and look at why that is so.

Lead Capture

I am on the Web probably too much these days to see what the competition is doing. To my joy, they still don’t get it and aren’t doing anything except taking listings and more listings and more listings.

Wow! I must be missing something because the last I looked listings weren’t selling.

Anyway, the Internet, in my mind, is the best way to capture home buyers. Remember, sales is a numbers game and Real Estate is no different. If you want to work, then the Internet is the place to be. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Mitch Ribak on November 2nd, 2007 under BuyerLink & AIMS, Leads, Online Marketing


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