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10 Ways to Better Negotiation – Part 2

Yesterday I published 10 styles of negotiation.

Here are some additional tips, many of which I learned as an arbitrator and settling lawsuits.

The Do Not Do’s of Negotiation

1. Never “tip your hand” on anything

Don’t say that you have to move, got a new job or hit the lottery. Never say you love the place. Play it cool. It’s the same when you like a girl. You don’t tell her. Same with buying a house. Keep your mouth shut.

2. Don’t bring your relatives to see the house after you’ve seen it.

That is a sure tip off to the home seller that you like the house and want to show it off to the family. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on March 25th, 2008 under Best Practices, Guest Bloggers


What AgentEvaluator Home Buyers and Sellers Want in Their Proposals

We have just completed a survey that we sent to 14,000 of our AgentEvaluator home buyers and sellers. We sent the survey to two customer groups: those who bought or sold a home using a HomeGain real estate agent, and those who failed to select one of our agents.

Our goal was to get consumer feedback that our AgentEvaluator agents could use to attract more potential clients by tailoring their proposals to meet the consumers’ expectations.

We are still digging through the data, but the preliminary results are very important so we wanted to pass them along now rather than wait until we’re done.

Survey Results:

  • Nearly 9 out of every 10 customers who bought or sold a home using a HomeGain agent said that receiving a personalized proposal was either very or extremely important in their decision to select their agent. Only 4% said this was not a factor at all in their decision.
  • 4 out of 10 expected to receive their first proposal within 4 hours of their profile.
  • 1 out of every 4 consumers selected their agent within 24 hours, while 8 out of 10 selected their agent within 1 week.

The results are clear— Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on March 23rd, 2008 under AgentEvaluator, Best Practices


2007 In Review – Top 10 Home Selling Cities

Turning over a new leaf at the New Year may be a very good thing this year for some as far as the real estate market is concerned.

Something like “Great in ‘08” seems to have a nice ring to it about now, doesn’t it?

Many of us are indeed ready for a fresh start and will welcome the New Year with open arms.

Personally I think that the bad news is about all out on the table and may be overstated by some real estate pundits, at least in some markets.

I did some checking yesterday, and a number of HomeGain member agents had great success stories in 2007 with just their HomeGain business. In fact, we have agents in CA, NV, PA, TX and VA that increased their HomeGain business, based on the number of closings, from 25% to well over 100% in some cases.

Imagine that!

Those same agents increased their business, based on commissions earned, by from 20% to over 100% again. And that’s just a portion of their overall business.

While real estate news reports during the year centered on the sub-prime meltdown, increased foreclosures across the nation, falling home prices and sales, and mortgage company bankruptcies, Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peggy Boehm on December 28th, 2007 under AgentEvaluator, HomeGain Market Data, Market Trends

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On The Home Seller’s Radar, Part 2: Home Staging

Part 2 – HomeGain’s Fall 2007 Home Sale Maximizer™ Survey

In part 1, I disclosed six of the top 10 most recommended home improvements (by real estate agents). Now here are the top four!

1. Clean and de-clutter
2. Lighten and brighten
3. Stage home for sale
4. Landscape front/back yards

In each of the four regions, West, East, South and Mid-West, all real estate agents agreed that cleaning and de-cluttering was the most valuable action in getting a home into “home selling condition.”

At a minimal cost of a couple hundred dollars, ROI of cleaning and de-cluttering your home may skyrocket into a high average of 578%. This is added home value in the range of $1,500-$2,000. The highest return on investment was in the West (837%).

Professional home staging came in second place in the South and Mid-West. On a national level, agents reported that home staging costs between $400 and $600 on average, potentially resulting in a $1,900 to $2,500 increase to the home’s selling price, and making the return on investment over 340%. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on December 26th, 2007 under Home Improvement, Home Improvement Surveys, Home Staging, HomeGain Market Data


On The Home Seller’s Radar, Part 1: Kitchen and Bathrooms

Part 1 – HomeGain’s Fall 2007 Home Sale Maximizer™ Survey

What are Realtors® advising homeowners do when it comes time to sell their home?

Turns out it’s what every home seller wants to hear. First, it is not going to cost a lot to see a high ROI. Secondly, it’s not going to be extremely time consuming or challenging.

In HomeGain’s Fall 2007 Home Sale Maximizer™ Survey that included over 2,000 real estate agents across the U.S. the results were just that. The goal of the survey was to find out what real estate agents recommend to homeowners to get their home into home selling condition and maximize their return on investment (at a minimal cost).

By the way, Home Sale Maximizer is a free, online home improvement tool for home sellers. As a Realtor®, it’s a great tool to give to your clients to help them BEFORE the home sale process started.

I’m going to list the results for the top six to 10 most recommended do-it-yourself home improvements in this part 1 real estate blog post, and then reveal the top four in Part 2. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on December 21st, 2007 under Home Improvement, Home Improvement Surveys, Home Staging, HomeGain Market Data


What’s Your Lead Conversion Rate – 3 or 15 Percent?

No matter what industry you’re in, success in the online marketplace is determined by conversion.

Sites like Amazon and Wal-Mart measure not only how many visitors view an item, but how many place the item in their shopping carts and then actually purchase it.

Even though you aren’t selling goods on your real estate site, you should always be concerned with how well your site is converting visitors into leads.

Many of the real estate sites that we see convert visitors somewhere in the range of 3%-5%.

That’s really low.

(We regularly take an interest in our customers’ lead capture web page because if they don’t do well, they certainly won’t continue as a HomeGain subscriber.)

Some of the other real estate agents’ sites convert higher, but most fail to convince its visitors that it is worth their time to leave their contact information in exchange for a glimpse at local listings, and, therefore, fail to produce a good ROI.

You really only have a few seconds before a reader moves on!

Due to the low conversion we know some real estate agents are experiencing, we always keep our eyes open for websites that convert at much higher rates to provide as examples to agents wanting to know how they can get better their ROI.

Guess what? We just figured out how to increase the conversion rate to an amazing 15%! Continue reading this post


Posted by: Matt Malmgren on December 19th, 2007 under Best Practices, BuyerLink & AIMS, Leads


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