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HomeGain 2011 FSBO vs. REALTOR® Survey Finds Home Sellers Fare 50% Better in Getting Their Homes Sold Using a REALTOR® Than Selling On Their Own

HomeGain’s 2011 For Sale By Owner (FSBO) vs. REALTOR® survey reveals home sellers’ success rates and satisfaction. Home sellers have greater success and higher satisfaction with the home sale process using a REALTOR® than going FSBO.

HomeGain surveyed over 1,000 homeowners asking whether they used a REALTOR® to sell their home or whether they attempted to sell it themselves. Eighty-three percent said they used a REALTOR® to sell their home and 17 percent said they tried to sell their home on their own.

Fifty-nine percent of home owners that used a REALTOR® to sell their home were successful vs. 39 percent of FSBO’s, reflecting a 50 percent higher closing rate for those home sellers using a REALTOR®.

Eighty-one percent of homeowners that used a REALTOR® to try and sell their homes said they would use a REALTOR® again for their real estate needs.

Eighty-eight percent of home owners who sold their homes using a REALTOR® said they would use a REALTOR® again. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on February 23rd, 2011 under HomeGain, HomeGain Surveys, Realtor


HomeGain Features Tools for Home Buyers and Sellers

Today HomeGain announced that it has integrated a comprehensive suite of home buyer and seller tools into its AgentView platform.

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After getting a home’s value, looking at local Realtors, and looking at suggested home improvements, visitors can then readily access the following real estate calculators all in one convenient platform on

Max, the HomeGain gorilla, reviews the newly integrated Buyer Tools tab.

Max, the HomeGain gorilla, reviews the newly integrated Buyer Tools tab.

  • Stay Put or Trade Up Calculator
  • Improve or Move Calculator
  • Home Sale Proceeds Calculator
  • Capital Gains Calculator
  • Private Mortgage Insurance Calculator

Additional tools that were integrated for people looking to get started buying or selling a home include:

  • New Home Wish List
  • Buyer Agent Interview Worksheet
  • Seller Agent Interview Worksheet
  • Real Estate Library
  • Real Estate Glossary

The HomeGain AgentView platform also features local information, HomeGain’s home

Max uses HomeGain's home seller tools to calculate whether he should move or improve.
Max uses HomeGain’s home seller tools to calculate whether he should move or improve.

improvement Home Sale Maximizer™ tool, its instant home valuation tool as well as HomeGain agent members’ home listings, profiles and real estate blogs.

Louis Cammarosano, General Manager at HomeGain, stated:

“This integration provides consumers with a comprehensive set of tools to help guide them through the home buying and selling process – as well as providing easy access to HomeGain member real estate agents and brokers who can provide additional assistance.”


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on June 2nd, 2010 under AgentView, HomeGain

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Managing Buyer Expectations – If You Don’t, They Will

It’s a typical scenario: you get an email from a couple wanting to see a home. Adrenaline surges as a closing check flits across your mind. You eagerly set up an appointment, drive across town, show the property at the appointed hour then set up another appointment to show them more homes on the weekend.

frustrated-realtor-drivingFriday comes and you get an email with 17 MLS numbers they’d like to see. A small gnawing feeling starts working at corner of your stomach as you realize you need to do some educating. You dive into the list and quickly discover that 14 of them are short sales that can be shown by appointment only. That uncomfortable feeling in your tummy is expanding into a minor digestive disorder as you get ready to start making the calls to set up the appointments.

I could go on with scenarios all too common for too many REALTORS® … ending with the unreturned calls, failure to respond to emails and finally the devastating realization that the clients you’ve been carting around for the past three months have just purchased a home from another agent at an open house.

You’ve just been managed.

From the first moment you come in contact with a prospective client, they have expectations. In many cases, these expectations are not based on reality: they’ve been garnered from conversations with their friends, reading posts on sites like HomeGain, Zillow and Trulia and by watching HGTV. Often, their expectations are way out of alignment with reality. It’s up to you to manage their expectations and direct them forward in a positive manner. You’d think it would be easy, yet statistics state that by the time a buyer gets to you, they’ve already been in contact with numerous other Realtors. How do you get this food chain to stop with you?

Bottom line: if you don’t mange your buyers, they will manage you. Right out of business.

In reality, I’ve discovered that most buyers want to be “managed.” Used in the right context, the word “manage” is a good thing. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on September 28th, 2009 under Best Practices


Gloom and Doom … or Great Opportunity?

Certainly there is a lot of grim news out there – but things are not that bad.  Actually, I have not noticed any difference in my daily life or that of most people that I have come in contact with since this “financial crisis” has begun.  Sometimes I think that the news people like to jump on the bandwagon and are going out of their way to find and report bad news.  After you report on it enough, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Strangely enough, year to date, this has been my best year of my 23 years in real estate.  There are still  a lot of people out there who want to buy homes.  I am finding numerous new home buyers every week.  
Let’s look at the home buying situation a bit closer. 

Interest rates are excellent right now, in the low 6% range, and even in the upper 5% range.  These rates are much lower than they have been during most of my career. 

Combining that with the great prices of homes and the excellent selection of properties makes now an excellent time for buyers — not a couple of years ago when everyone thought it was so great to buy a home.  Continue reading this post

Posted by: Barry Karch on October 20th, 2008 under Buying or Selling a Home


You Would Have to be an Idiot to Buy a Home in 2008

What possible reason could you have to buy a home this year? Let’s analyze the facts.

1)    Interest rates down to 5.5% – the takeover of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae have the rates tumbling. Why on earth would anyone want to pay a low interest rate like this when we could wait for double digit mortgage rates. I mean at 11% interest we would get twice the write off on our taxes wouldn’t we?

2)    $7500 tax credit for first time home buyers. You heard me right that is a tax credit – not a deduction. Of course if we wait on 11% mortgage rates we will have a pretty big deduction anyway so we may not want or need this $7500 tax CREDIT!

3)    Seller incentives are at all time highs. Sellers are almost certainly going to pay all your closing costs.  They may also be willing to throw in a refrigerator, privacy fence, and who knows what else.  But who needs all that stuff!  I would really rather pay my own closing costs and other expenses to get into a home as this makes me more independent.    Again, I can write that off on my taxes – right?

4)    Homes are at bargain prices compared to a couple of years ago! We don’t want to buy when prices are down though – do we? It is always better to buy high and sell low isn’t it?    If we bought now we might make a big profit in a few years – what would we do with all that money?

Any rational person can see that buying a home in 2008 would be a huge mistake.  Waiting a couple of years to buy a home would obviously be the wise decision.


Posted by: Wayne Long on September 11th, 2008 under Buying or Selling a Home


Runner Up “Sealed Deals” Home Buyer Cities

Part 2

Due to popular demand of the top 5 “sealed deals” blog, we’re posting the next top 5 home buying cities!

These are markets that have been hot pretty consistently this year, even if the market is being recorded as slow on a national level.

In some of these cities we’re talking higher levels of median home prices than the US National. In other cities it’s simply about just selling at a higher volume.

We can all understand that more money for real estate agents and brokers also mean tougher competition.

OK, well, here are the next top five cities. Post a comment if you are an agent in one of these markets and let us what you are experiencing! Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peggy Boehm on December 7th, 2007 under AgentEvaluator, HomeGain Market Data


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