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8 New Home Security and Home Automation Gadgets

Home security and automation gadgets include products that are designed to make your life easier or safer. Anything from mobile light switches to video surveillance equipment can fall under the umbrella of related technology. Many products are geared towards the novice and can be expanded upon as you learn more about the technology and use the gadgets more often. Generally speaking, these devices are relatively simple to set-up, and there is a wide-range of products available at varying price levels, making it possible for anyone to improve their quality of life.

Whether you are interested in increasing the security of the place you live, or simply want to enjoy the luxury of controlling many functions in your home with the switch of button, the constantly evolving home security and home automation industry has something for you.

1. SmartLinc INSTEON Wire-In Starter Kit
Starter kits are an ideal way to dabble with home automation for lights and appliances if you have never used any before. The SmartLinc INSTEON Wire-In Starter Kit features an easy-to-use system that includes a controller, an on-and-off switch and two dimmer switches.

2. Driveway Patrol – Wireless Alert
Gone are the days when your neighbor regularly popped over to your house for small talk. In the fast-paced world of today, people enjoy their privacy, and aren’t as keen on unexpected visitors arriving at their homes. When it does happen though, you be prepared if you have the Driveway Patrol – Wireless Alert. This gadget will notify you when someone steps onto your property.

3. Night Owl LION-4500 Four-Channel Video Surveilance System
The Night Owl LION-4500 Four-Channel Video Surveilance System equips you with the ability to monitor the activities of your home remotely. Take a peek at your house when your away to make sure all is well, with this system. The video footage is fed through the Internet, so you are able to check in from your office computer, Smartphone or anywhere with a connection to the Web.

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Posted by: Guest Contributor on July 23rd, 2012 under Guest Bloggers, Home Improvement, Technology


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