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Evaluating Online Advertising Vendors

I’m not sure if it’s the real estate downturn, but my phone has been blowing up with online advertising vendors lately.  I monitor my advertising revenue very closely, so I ask a lot of questions when talking with their salespeople.

dollar-sign-real-estateSalespeople like to throw around big numbers to entice you to buy, so it’s important to ask for the proper metrics when analyzing different potential advertising sources.

Here’s a breakdown of what you should measure, and what to ask:

1) ROI (Return on Investment) is the bottom line number that you need to use after you have given an advertising source long enough to perform.

ROI is simply how much you’ve earned on an advertising source divided by how much you’ve spent.  So, if you’ve earned one $6000 commission from Website A, and spent $2000 advertising there, your ROI is 3:1.  You’ve earned $3 for every $1 you spent.  Most advertising sources won’t track their customers’ ROI because there are so many “real world” variables that can create different results for different buyers – predominantly how well each customer can convert.

2) Conversion Rate is the number of leads you get per click.

If you have different types of leads (contact requests, registrations, property info requests) then it’s best to track the bottom line conversion rate, and then crunch it down to conversion rate for each lead type.  So, if you get 100 visitors in one month from a traffic source, and you get 5 registrations, 2 contact requests, and 3 property info requests, then your conversion rates are as follows: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Eric Bramlett on October 27th, 2009 under Online Marketing


In SEO, Do Yahoo and Bing Matter? How to Tell.

One of the questions that I get from REALTORS all of the time while consulting is something like this…

“Do I need to worry about ranking in Yahoo and MSN as well as Google?”

“How much attention should I pay to Yahoo and  MSN?”

While the questions vary slightly, the meaning is exactly the same. Each search engine is different. It is one thing to rank really well on one search engine. It is another thing entirely to rank on two (or more). In the past (before Bing and Yahoo announced that Bing would be powering Yahoo), the answer was splendidly easy. Just worry about Google. The rest do not matter. They simply do not have enough market share to matter.

But what about after Microsoft has spent over $100 million advertising Bing as the “decision engine”? What about once Yahoo is powered by Bing? Will they have enough market share to matter then?

A couple of insights are helpful. The first of them is to know how to get a monthly snapshot of the search engine market share. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Eric Blackwell on October 14th, 2009 under Online Marketing, Technology


SEO Basics: 3 Tips for Realtors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more important to Realtors® each year. These lesson snippets, provided by Eric Blackwell, Director of Technology with RE/MAX Properties East, will help you understand the importance and how to leverage SEO to your advantage.

Let’s start with the TOPICAL INFORMATION. In seo-google-searchthe SEO business, this is what is known as On Page Optimization. Search Engines index your pages and the only thing that they can see is text so it is important to write/build web pages so that the text is visible to the search engines.

1. Provide QUALITY content.

2. Write search friendly titles for your posts, pages and articles that will attract readers and be something that they will search for. The title will show up on the search engine as a headline and that is what you need to keep in mind.

3. Avoid duplicate content. Why should Google, as the librarians of the internet, keep hundreds of copies of the same book or post or article on the front page? (Hint: They don’t.) When you write on your blogs, be original and unique. It will not only rank better, it will attract more readers.

To get the full lesson and receive the monthly SEO newsletter, sign up for AgentView.

Mr. Blackwell will be hosting a session titled “SEO Is A Team Sport” at HomeGain Live Nation in San Francisco on August 3rd at 2pm. Twitter @homegainnation


Posted by: Eric Blackwell on July 22nd, 2009 under AgentView, Online Marketing


19 Secret Google Search Tricks

Here are some Google Search secrets to help you better find what you’re looking for: (wait, since I’m telling you, they’re no longer secret).

rabbit-hat1. Use quotation marks to search for the exact phraseco-op board rejection

2. Use the pipe (|) (it’s above the backslash \) for an either/or search (or use the word “or”): fsbo|by owner.

3. Use two periods (..) to find information within a number range, including years: worst housing markets 1980..2006.

4. Use a minus sign (-) to exclude search results: worst housing markets 1980..2006 -best. (since the search without the minus sign usually includes best and worst, use the minus sign if you only want the bad news)

5. Find similar keywords with the tilde (~): ~cheap homes. You get auctions, foreclosures, investors, etc. The tilde is an under-appreciated stroke (which makes it good for passwords)

6. Use the wildcard star (*) if you don’t know the missing word: a man’s home is his *.

7. Get a definitions by typing “define:” before the word: define:foreclosure.

8. Math calculations (hey Realtors, it’s good for figuring a commission): 548,000 x6%.

9. To search a term in a particular blog or website use “site:” before the URL. Useful if a website or blog doesn’t have a search box: zillow.

10. Type in the area code or zip code to find out the city name: 646. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on June 25th, 2009 under Online Marketing


Real Estate Marketing: Basta! Enough!

It seems that any substantive discussion these days about real estate is focused on one subject: Marketing.

How does one get attention and the right kind? Well, you can blog, Twitter, Facebook, join social networks, use LinkedIn, buy leads, post your listings everywhere, participate in Trulia Voices, optimize your blog or web site for SEO, buy EZ ads on Zillow, subscribe to HomeGain’s AgentEvaluator, Buyerlink or AgentView, engage in pay per click on Google or Yahoo, use lead “capture” or not etc. The marketing debate rages on the blogs and on the panels at the major conferences.

While marketing is important, it seems to have reached the point of an obsession with a diminishing return. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on July 26th, 2008 under Best Practices, Blogging and Social Networking


HomeGain Blog School Report Card

HomeGain’s Blog School has been in session for 8 weeks and I have seen a great improvement in the content being produced on the real estate agent blogs. Several agents have had their posts rank on the first pages of Google for their market keywords.

Regardless of Google ranking, agents are writing useful content for buyers and sellers, content they can share with future prospects and clients. Blogging to create an archival real estate information reserve is a relatively untapped methodology. If a prospective client asks an agent a common question — what are my closing costs? — the agent need only email their blog post on closing costs.

I have encouraged bloggers to write on topics which reflect common buyer and seller concerns. They are of enduring value.

Here are a couple of examples. Mitchell Feldman in Brooklyn, who has a great conversational tone, wrote “Buyers Guide to Closing Costs in Brooklyn” and “Negotiating Tips for Sellers in Brooklyn (or anywhere else)” (love that title).

These reflect typical consumer concerns. And because of his personable writing style, the reader gets Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on July 22nd, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, HomeGain


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