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Will Google Instant Change SEO?

The announcement of Google Instant made shockwaves throughout the online world, far beyond, with many wondering how that would affect SERPs. In an industry heavily dependent on traffic coming by way of search engines, any major changes in algorhythms, patterns, services, etc., can have a monumental effect and is to be taken seriously.

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team and summarily the public voice of Google when it comes to SEO practices, answered “Does Google Instant kill search engine optimization (SEO)?” with an unequivocal ‘NO!”

What Google Instant does (and does remarkably well) is bring a functionality that had been lacking: an intuitive ability to search-as-you-type by predicting terms that an individual may be searching for, while remaining relevant and providing an user-friendly experience.

I, for one, did not initially enjoy having terms spelled out for me, after all, my line of thinking was ‘I know what I am searching, I don’t need a silly computer to fill it out for me’. That is until I gave it a chance, it allowed me an effortless, yet more thorough, search experience that went well beyond my expectations.

For now, real estate professionals should continue practicing solid SEO fundamentals/principles of on-site optimization (meta data implementation and valuable content creation) and off-site optimization (to include emphasis on quality link-building).

After all, whether it’s SEO, real estate (and for many of us, a marriage thereof) or any comparable industry, those who are able to conform/adapt to their environments will succeed when their peers do nothing but complain.

Somebody has to be #1.


Posted by: Alex Cortez on October 1st, 2010 under Online Marketing


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