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EARTH DAY: Another One Passed By

Did you miss it? Did you acknowledge it? Did you hear about it?

The day is being heralded around the world as a day the individual earth member (YOU) can make a change, a simple or complex change to your life to help save the planet. What will you do?

Since 2007 with our development of EcoStaging(R) training and Certified EcoProfessional™ education, CSP International has held Earth Day Events, reduced its carbon footprint, achieved carbon neutral certification, reduced waste, eliminated toxins and cleaned with toxic free products. We support the One Drop Foundation bringing clean water to under developed countries, NAR green services, we annually award the CSP International Green Bud award to graduates who have made a difference in their community with their own green acts, our electricity is Bullfrog Power (off grid) and personally I have certified my own garden as a wildlife habitat and have planted trees throughout Niagara to help clean air. April 23rd 2012 I pledged to increase our visibility, our actions and get all of our three thousand graduates+ staff to participate in A Billion Acts of Green.

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Posted by: Christine Rae on April 23rd, 2012 under Green Real Estate

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HomeGain Celebrates Earth Day 2010

To celebrate Earth Day today, HomeGain is delighted to share feedback, comments and participation from real estate agents across the country who support and practice Green real estate.

Today we published a press release for the Top 9 Green Home Improvements for Home Sellers.tree-planet-earth-day

Agent Blogs

Agents Practicing Green

  • Do everything possible via laptop and avoid paperwork. We now have a lawyer to ratify the contract and have the bank accept a scanned copy of the contract instead of over-nighting approved original offer.
  • We work hard to keep printed paper to a minimum. Email and scanning is wonderful!
    Our office is hosting a shredding day and e-waste event. We also recycle bottles and cans and we re-use paper in the fax machine. We also turn out the lights when they are not in use.
  • My office is near paperless due to a Tablet PC.
  • I became a Certified EcoProfessional. I changed the way I live, where I buy my food, Greened my real estate business and also buy electricity generated by wind.
  • I use the back of all printed listings as scrap paper for call notes, to do lists, grocery lists.
  • We have unplugged all non used electrical items so we are not wasting any trickle charges to unused appliances, lamps, motors, etc.
  • “I am providing a paperless business model to my clients. Every document is signed on my computer and all the files are in PDF format. How’s that for lessening our carbon footprint!”- Jaime Sparks
  • I have planted a home garden, walk when possible, and reuse items or donate them to charities. Continue reading this post

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on April 22nd, 2010 under Green Real Estate

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Green Home Staging: Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

“Reuse, Reduce and Recycle” is a tune my grammar school son chants all the time. He learned it in school and I have even found myself chanting it at times. And as with anything, once something gets in to your head you find yourself applying it to your everyday

As Earth Day approaches I am excited by how I have applied some of the “Green” principles of my son’s song to my own home staging business in Marin. As home stagers, we try to have environmentally sustainable designs that improve our environment rather than detract from it.


The most obvious is that we reuse our furniture for home staging. And when we need to add to our collection we try to buy locally so we can reduce transportation costs and waste.

When clients are thinking of replacing their upholstered furniture I suggest that they have their furniture recovered rather than just throw it away. Upholsterers can recycle the furniture to look like new, with half the waste as buying new, and half the cost.


Lighting is also an easy way to be eco-friendly. Before any open house Realtors turn on all of the lights in the home. This creates light and a welcome environment. This is also something I do before a party when I want my guests to feel welcome and the energy in the house come alive. But before wasting all of that wattage consider using only compact florescent light bulbs. Switching from a traditional light bulb to a CFL is a simple change everyone can make to reduce up to 20% of our greenhouse gases without skimping on the ambiance.

Another way we reduce waste is to reuse our packing materials over and over again rather than have our moving companies use new materials. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Stephanie Decker on April 19th, 2010 under Green Real Estate, Home Staging

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HomeGain Launches Green Real Estate Campaign

Raising Green Awareness Within The Real Estate Community

In anticipation of Earth Day on April 22, HomeGain is proud to announce the kick off of the HomeGain Green Real Estate Campaign.

Throughout this campaign, we will provide ideas designed to inspire Realtors to make changes in the way they conduct business. Many of these ideas will enable them to help homeowners and home buyers make eco-friendly choices.

This month the HomeGain Green site features include:

  • In partnership with the, HomeGain pledges to pay for up to 1,000 trees to be planted in national forests
  • “Greening Your Real Estate Practice” webinar by Jeffrey Bastress
  • HomeGain Radio audio interview with Marie Scheuring who discusses “Benefits of Being an EcoBroker”
  • Eco-real estate tips
  • Area to enter your own “Green Idea”!

Visit the HomeGain Real Estate Campaign site


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on April 18th, 2009 under Green Real Estate


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