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Tablets Poised To Take Homebuying Process To New Levels

Like virtually everyone else on the planet, I’ve finally succumbed to tablet-mania and become an owner … of an iPad. I coupled it with a totally cool Zagg Folio leather case/keyboard combo. Although it’s an incredibly useful tool in so many ways, I’m particularly excited about how it can totally transform the home buying process.

Picture the following:

Not knowing where to start in the search for a great local Realtor, a potential homebuyer from Fremont, California grabs their iPad during their lunch break and loads the Google app. They type in “find a realtor in Fremont, CA” and, at the top of the list, they see “Find Local Realtors® – Research & Compare Realtors Online.” A tap on the link takes them to’s homepage where they can enter their criteria and then search for a top-notch area Realtor – anonymously. As proposals start to come in from Fremont Realtors, they select a few profiles they like, click through to email the agents and ask for interviews with their top three choices. A quick tap on their Starbucks app allows them to share the address of their favorite location with the Realtors and appointments are quickly set up.

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Posted by: Carl Medford on February 13th, 2012 under Technology


Where Your Office NEEDS To Be … 6 Things You Need To Do To Relocate It NOW

I am frequently asked, “Where is your office?” It’s like the location of my office means something. And to many people, it actually means a lot. It represents, in their minds, the not-so-subtle idea that you are limited to working only a short distance out from the geographical location of your desk.

And so, when asked the “magic” question, my response is always the same: “Where do you WANT it to be?”

Truth is, as a virtual agent, I do have an “office.” After all, our license has to hang somewhere for us to be legit. Although I have a great office in which to work, I’m not interested in “impressing” my clients with the size of the building or the fountain in the foyer. Instead … I meet them where THEY are.

In fact, I’ve discovered that “bringing them home to meet the parents” can raise questions you DON’T want them asking. Such as:

  • “How much money does it take to run an operation like this?”
    • “Dang … this Realtor must be bankin’ BIG bucks … wonder if I can hit them up for part of their commission…?”
    • “If they have a building like this in this economy, are they in touch with reality…?”
    • “Why do I have to drive all the way over here when I live in ________?”

Virtual agents have virtual offices. In my “real” office I don’t even have a desk. Don’t want one. My “actual” desk, when meeting with clients, is any available table at the Starbucks closest to where my clients live. Or the table in their existing digs.

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Posted by: Carl Medford on January 12th, 2009 under Best Practices, Realtor, Technology


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