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Full Course and Straight Ahead

I remember a lesson I learned, a long time ago, when I first learned how to ride motocross in the Southern California foothills to keep the cycle pointed straight ahead at all times. My natural reaction was to find the seemingly easiest path through the trail, bobbing and weaving to avoid any large boulders; however surprisingly this was not the correct course of action. Instead, I was advised to keep heading straight, even if a huge boulder lay dead ahead in my path. The bike and its shock absorbers would handle even the largest rocks. A terrific sense of enlightenment and freedom came over me that I remember to this day.

Occasionally, I catch myself in an avoidance mode and suspect there are many others in these tough economic times with the same strategy. Then I get back into the saddle and begin to forge straight ahead despite what the depressing news says, no matter what the source. I tell myself, “These are the days we have to dig our heels in deeper.” They say when the going gets tough, the tough get going. It’s up to us to decide our personally appropriate strategy of fight or flight.

Over the course of the past year, I found myself expanding my view of my team’s market area. This was not only by a geographic territory, but also by niche or specialty. A strategy such as this requires a non-traditional approach to staffing our team. I decided I was no longer after an agent who could simply service an area, now I was after a hybrid. Such a person may be fit to service an area but they must also have special talents. Such talents may include advanced knowledge of luxury home sales, equestrian properties, international sales, new construction, golf properties, commercial, etc, or anything else that makes them stand out from the crowd.

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Posted by: Brian Kinkade on August 17th, 2011 under Motivation


Finding Success on a New Frontier

A Realtor’s story about how he went from being a skeptic to a raving fan of blogging, online marketing and HomeGain’s AgentView program

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing image_cropped_hg_radio4Brian Kinkade of Cherry Creek Professionals Realty in Colorado to get his insight about the AgentView real estate marketing program and how it has increased his ability to connect with new clients and expand his business.

Hear our brief HomeGain Radio Clip:

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Posted by: Peter McCullough on June 27th, 2009 under AgentView, HomeGain Radio

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Denver Real Estate Market Update – May 2009

While we’re in an expected seasonally increased sales period, market activity for existing home sales for the Denver real estate market shows signs of continued strength.  Sales denver_colorado_real_estate_marketvolume on pending contracts and sold properties has trended up for several months now. In a recent national survey, Denver was nominated to be the top of 20 cities per the S&P/Case-Shiller® Home Price Indices and number one of the top housing markets on the rebound as announced on MSNBC Today.

Combined residential sales volume, for May, including single-family homes, townhomes, condos and lofts was 3,628 properties, up 7.02% % from April’s volume 3,390. Temper this with the fact that sales are still down 22.21% from May of 2008, per Metrolist Inc., Denver’s Multiple Listing Service.

There were 5,343 homes under contract last month. This includes 4,301 single-family homes and 1,042 condos and townhouses. This is an overall increase of 3.09% from April, but down 15.7% from year-prior last May. Single family homes contracts are up 3.56% while condo and townhomes are up 1.17%.

In May, the Denver MLS had 20,734 homes for sale, an increase of .14% from the prior month, down 21.26% from the same time last year. The average home sales price was $243,022, an increase of 4.09% from last months average price $233,482, down 5.05% from a year ago, $255,944. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Kinkade on June 12th, 2009 under Regional


I’m A Raving Fan of HomeGain’s AgentView – Yes, I Admit It!

I started working with AgentView, formerly known as Source4Sellers, mid November 2006.  Since then much has changed with my business model and with AgentView.

My business grew from a fledgling concept to a full team model.  I had started the month before with HomeGain’s BuyerLink.  The traffic from BuyerLink helped build my faith in Internet marketing and build my lead database.  Even then, I knew that HomeGain was very interested in my success and building a true business partnership.

The AgentView product suite continues to develop and is now a full service ad-free solution which highlights and promotes the participating real estate agent.  When I first started with the product, the Source4Sellers solution contained an agent profile and a full CRM with built-in email campaigns.  Now AgentView is so very much more.  Some of the features include:

  • Agent Profile
  • Homes For Sale
  • Home Values
  • Agent Centric Blog
  • Local Information
  • Home Seller Tools

Agent Profile

The AgentView blog offers so much opportunity to help promote the area real estate agent and my Denver real estate website in an ad-free environment. This page is about the agent and their credentials.  The “Have a Real Estate Question for Brian?” is to the right of your contact information as a call to action.

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Posted by: Brian Kinkade on April 22nd, 2009 under AgentView, Technology

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Denver Real Estate Market Update – March 2009

The Denver real estate market of existing home sales for March 2009 shows signs of hope and strength for the year looking forward.  While still not fairing as good as last year, the Denver Metro remains towards the top of many lists of desirable U.S. cities to live, work, and play in a number of recently published surveys.

Combined residential sales volume, including single-family homes, townhomes and condos, for March was 3,206 properties, up 29.07% from February.  Temper this with the fact that sales are still down 13.56% from March of 2008, per Metrolist Inc., Denver’s Multiple Listing Service.

There were 4,826 homes under contract last month.  This includes 3,907 single-family homes and 919 condos and townhouses.  This is an overall increase of 15.37% from February, but down 17.84% from year-prior last March.

In March, the Denver MLS IDX held 20,628 homes for sale, an increase of 2.84% from the prior month, down 19.16% from the same time last year.  The average home sales price was $232,395, an increase of 6.60%, down 8.51% from a year ago.  Homes remained on the market 106 days on average in March which is down less than one% and down 4.37% from the year over year.

Breaking it down, single-family home sales were 2,590 last month, up nearly 29% from February and down 12.23% year-prior March.  Houses sold for an average of $251,583 in March, a 6.19% increase from the prior month, but an 8.41% decrease over the previous year.   Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Kinkade on April 14th, 2009 under Home Prices, Home Values, Regional


Invest In Today & Tomorrow With HomeGain’s AgentView

Just wanted to drop in to share my thoughts on HomeGain’s AgentView product, a tool I’ve been testing for the past several months.  No better place to share my two cents than with the HomeGain community…

Why I use AgentView for my real estate business:

  1. Making Sure My Team Can “Talk The Talk”. My team’s newer agents get fast and furious experience with Denver real estate home valuations.
  2. Metrics/Statistics Win Business: Sooner or Later! Even if we are not able to provide a value the home owner(s)’ can “stomach”, AgentView statistics have helped us justify our valuations and “value-add” as a group, often leading to the listing later on.
  3. “Personalized” Email Campaigns. Many times we offer to keep a prospective seller updated with the market activity in their neighborhood by setting up email listing alerts.  Incorporation of AgentView in these campaigns help keeps the prospective seller apprised (and hopefully realistic!).
  4. Drip Mail. We’re fine-tuning an offline drip marketing campaign with AgentView integration.  What better than to add another robust tool to keep in front of the potential home sellers.  The key to any successful system in my opinion is consistent follow up.
  5. Progression & Innovation. HomeGain continues to enhance the AgentView package.  While I admittedly need to invest more time keying in listings and posting to my AgentView blog, I believe investing my time into an ever-evolving AgentView suite of tools helps enhance our team’s branding and credibility. 

So that’s the scoop from my point of view.  And before I forget I must complement HomeGain’s Blogging School and the efforts of instructor Joseph Ferrara.  I use this invaluable tutorial as one of my key real estate blogging reference guides.

Thoughts???  For those of you who haven’t had enough much experience AgentView and would like to pick my brain, feel free to contact me.  For those of you who are more acquainted with the product, I’d love to know how/if you’ve integrated it in your own marketing campaign…

Check out Brian’s AgentView Blog.

Read Briank Kinkade’s Blog

To learn more about AgentView click here.


Posted by: Brian Kinkade on December 11th, 2008 under AgentView


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