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Making the Move on Opportunity

Here I am, broker and lead of a Denver real estate team here in the heart of the country. We’ve had our share of challenges. However, we continue to invest into our business and persevere and it’s paying off. When others are asking, “How’s business?”, we can truthfully say, “You know it’s great. In fact it’s been better these past several months than during the past few years.”  Sure, it’s not as good as it could be but it is better. I’ve had to make tough but obviously necessary decisions and moves towards achieving the end goal of coming out of this lull on top of our game.

Moving Our Office

I recently moved from a small boutique real estate firm to one of the largest and fastest growing brokerages in Colorado. This move helped to bring down costs while expanding the team’s opportunity. Overnight, I increased team incentives via lower fees, and vastly increased my access to in-house agents, now candidates for my team. Instead of hiring new members from outside my company, then recruiting for my team, now I simply need to put the word out to the office.

Hiring Team Support

With some of the savings on the overhead, I hired my first administrative assistant. I’ve spent many, many hours trying to keep up with the vast amount of work I’ve created for myself and now it was time to share. By lightening my load, I’m better able to focus on the larger opportunities and issues at hand. I’m looking at everything from virtual outsourcing, to engaging consultants, to hiring hourly and even salaried employees. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Brian Kinkade on August 26th, 2010 under Best Practices, Guest Bloggers


Max Back On Track

Max Motor Tour Resumes in Phoenix and San Francisco

Max has been hitting the road hard since returning from taking his first vacation as HomeGain spokes-gorilla. “I barely had time to enjoy my new home when I felt the marketing road calling,” said Max.

Max was recently spotted resuming his What’s Your Home Worth motor tour in San Francisco, CA and outside Phoenix, AZ with his driver, Hoke Wolliz.

“The San Francisco part of our trip was hectic as Max is a bit of a local idol and we did more parking than driving to give the fans time to take pictures of Max and get paw prints,” said Wolliz. “Once we hit the open road in Arizona, we had some time to relax and Max was able to kick back and enjoy some jelly beans and coconut milk.”

“Max remains unaware of HomeGain’s product release schedule,” said Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of HomeGain.

“While Max took the announcement that HomeGain was offering blogs to its AgentView customers in stride, he did not react so well to the prior product announcement that HomeGain was allowing agents to post their profiles on “We’ve got another major announcement coming up and its probably best that Max stay on the road.”

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Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on June 17th, 2008 under Max

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