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Blogging Tip: 7 Tips to Improve Your Blog’s PageRank

PageRank (PR) is Google’s way of identifying and classifying web pages. Google assigns PageRank between 0-10. Web pages with a higher PageRank are regarded as more authoritative than those with a lower PR — and, here’s the best part — the higher your PR, the more likely you are to appear at the top of Google’s search results.

While PageRank is not a magic bullet or guarantee of success, it is a factor to help your real estate blog content ranking on Google.

7 Tips to Improve Your Search Engine Placement and PageRank:

  1. Keep writing market specific content for consumers looking to buy, sell, improve, invest, or rent real estate in your local market. 
  2. Use market keywords in the title of your posts and throughout the body.
  3. Use synonyms for greater search coverage—instead of always using the word “house”, mix it up with home, single family house, real estate, property. 
  4. Use abbreviations for your market—folks looking to buy in Long Beach Island usually refer to it as LBI. Use state abbreviations too. Continue reading this post

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on January 10th, 2009 under Blogging Tips


Invest In Today & Tomorrow With HomeGain’s AgentView

Just wanted to drop in to share my thoughts on HomeGain’s AgentView product, a tool I’ve been testing for the past several months.  No better place to share my two cents than with the HomeGain community…

Why I use AgentView for my real estate business:

  1. Making Sure My Team Can “Talk The Talk”. My team’s newer agents get fast and furious experience with Denver real estate home valuations.
  2. Metrics/Statistics Win Business: Sooner or Later! Even if we are not able to provide a value the home owner(s)’ can “stomach”, AgentView statistics have helped us justify our valuations and “value-add” as a group, often leading to the listing later on.
  3. “Personalized” Email Campaigns. Many times we offer to keep a prospective seller updated with the market activity in their neighborhood by setting up email listing alerts.  Incorporation of AgentView in these campaigns help keeps the prospective seller apprised (and hopefully realistic!).
  4. Drip Mail. We’re fine-tuning an offline drip marketing campaign with AgentView integration.  What better than to add another robust tool to keep in front of the potential home sellers.  The key to any successful system in my opinion is consistent follow up.
  5. Progression & Innovation. HomeGain continues to enhance the AgentView package.  While I admittedly need to invest more time keying in listings and posting to my AgentView blog, I believe investing my time into an ever-evolving AgentView suite of tools helps enhance our team’s branding and credibility. 

So that’s the scoop from my point of view.  And before I forget I must complement HomeGain’s Blogging School and the efforts of instructor Joseph Ferrara.  I use this invaluable tutorial as one of my key real estate blogging reference guides.

Thoughts???  For those of you who haven’t had enough much experience AgentView and would like to pick my brain, feel free to contact me.  For those of you who are more acquainted with the product, I’d love to know how/if you’ve integrated it in your own marketing campaign…

Check out Brian’s AgentView Blog.

Read Briank Kinkade’s Blog

To learn more about AgentView click here.


Posted by: Brian Kinkade on December 11th, 2008 under AgentView


Blogging Tip: Use Email Alerts

One way to stay ahead of the competition is to be the first one out with the news. Yes, you can read the local newspaper or watch television to get the latest news in your market… but there is another way— let the news come to you by using email ALERTS.

Set up Google Alerts

Sample Alerts

Here are alerts you may find helpful. The idea is to catch the latest news ahead of the pack. And be informed for your clients.

  • Neighborhoods
  • New developments and buildings
  • Builders
  • Property types (include your market keywords to narrow results): “St. Paul Victorian” “Brooklyn historic homes” “ Miami Beach condos”
  • Real estate issues: “short sales”
  • Your niche or specialty: “green housing”
Blogging Tip courtesy of the HomeGain Blogging School Professor, Joseph Ferrara. To read the full real estate blogging newsletter, sign up for AgentView and the HomeGain Blogging School.

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on December 11th, 2008 under Blogging Tips

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Blogging Tip: Use ‘Calls to Action’ to Connect with Clients

In order to get phone calls from clients, there must be a direction from you asking folks to DO SOMETHING, preferably NOW.

Here are some Call to Action phrases. They should convey ease and urgency. And don’t forget the powerful “FREE”.

  • Call/email me now (Toll free? 24 hours a day) for help
  • Search for all homes in my city, my state
  • Get your home valued for sale today
  • Sign up for our free seminars/reports/new listings, it’s easy
  • Order your free copy today
Blogging Tip courtesy of the HomeGain Blogging School Professor, Joseph Ferrara. To read the full real estate blogging newsletter, sign up for AgentView and the HomeGain Blogging School.

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on November 30th, 2008 under Blogging Tips


Blogging Tip: Help Folks Discover You

Let’s face it. If you blog you are at the cutting edge, which means most folks aren’t doing it. And if most real estate agents aren’t doing it, chances are good most homebuyers and sellers are not aware of blogs either, unless they stumble upon them via an Internet search.

Therefore, it is important to market your real estate blog “offline” .

One way is to use traditional marketing techniques such as mailings. You probably mail postcards, holiday cards and calendars (these, by the way, should include links to your blog). Maybe you pay to send out pre-packaged newsletters. All well and good. Why not “tweak” the technique to showcase your blog content?

Blogging Tip courtesy of the HomeGain Blogging School Professor, Joseph Ferrara. Sign up for AgentView and the HomeGain Blogging School.

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on October 15th, 2008 under Blogging Tips

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HomeGain Blogging School Update

AgentView exclusively features agent listings, profiles and blogs as well as HomeGain’s Home Sale Maximizer and instant home valuation tools all in an advertising-free environment.

HomeGain understands that blogging can be a challenge. That’s why when we started the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network, we soon added free blogging training at the HomeGain Blogging School.

Classes are conducted weekly by HomeGain Blogging School Professor, Joseph Ferrara. Each lesson provides useful blogging tips and a critique of some of the blogs that appear on the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network.

Check out a sample HomeGain Blogging School lesson.

Sign up for AgentView and the HomeGain Blogging School.

Louis Cammarosano Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on September 30th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, HomeGain

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