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“Ask the Experts” Real Estate Forum

On Tuesday we launched the premier of the “Ask the Experts” live real estate forum. Thanks to our terrific panel of experts, a great turnout and active participation from the audience, the forum was a success!

Overall, participants rated each of the experts with marks of excellence for presentation and content covered. Due to the positive response, we’ll be continuing the series, so stay tuned for future Ask the Experts!

If you weren’t able attend, here’s your chance to hear the valuable information and advice the experts gave out to real estate professionals.

Listen to the full version:

Or, listen to the individual experts here:

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Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on August 14th, 2008 under Ask the Experts


10 Reasons NOT to Add Podcasts to Your Blog

You really shouldn’t try podcasting. Why bother? Tech-savvy youngsters are the only ones downloading files from iTunes. And, that’s exactly what you should believe. Please ignore reports from comScore Networks that indicate 35-54 year olds makeup a sizable portion of podcast listeners.

Apparently, many top podcasts are in the business and educational genres and appeal to the more educated and higher-income consumer segments. But that should be of no interest to you…because you don’t need to podcast.

You’re a real estate agent, not a radio broadcaster. You need to spend your time in the field with your clients. Don’t bog yourself down with a phenomenal social media tool that can spread your message, your brand, and your expertise like wildfire.

And here are 10 more reasons why you should absolutely, positively, NOT add podcasting to your real estate blog:

  1. Don’t do it….you will increase your online visibility.
  2. Don’t do it….you can gain a new audience for your blog.
  3. Don’t do it….you can strengthen the community bond with your current audience.
  4. Don’t do it….it may show off your expertise to your target market. Continue reading this post

Posted by: Nicole Nicolay on June 15th, 2008 under Guest Bloggers, Technology


Online Conversations Will Change This Industry

Well, Max and I spent a day at the Masters last week—now I hear he’s traveling the country. I wanted to get a picture of Max at The Masters but the no-camera rule made it too difficult to find the right place outside the crowded gates.

We had fun, though, and Thursday night got into a long discussion about social networking in the online world of real estate.

A lot has been written lately about the meat and potatoes of practical lead management. To get leads and not manage them effectively is like hitting the greens close to the hole and not making the putts (Max came up with that—he’s all about golf analogies, now).

Organization and follow-through seem to be key, but once a system is in place to handle a large amount of leads effectively, then an agent can concentrate on increasing leads and assessing the quality of leads.

Wayne wrote a good article about lead quality. A big part of efficiency and getting results is quality control—once you are generating quality leads and wringing out the inefficiency of cold leads that aren’t amenable to warming, then the system is creating solid results and the conversion rate climbs—I think keeping an eye on conversion rate is critical to any quality control effort.

It doesn’t matter how strong the leads might seem, if all they create is work on your part with no conversion to sales, then it’s a red flag that the leads might not be that good Continue reading this post


Posted by: Mike Farmer on April 16th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking


Building the Pipeline with HomeGain’s BuyerLink

We’ve heard all the arguments about lead generation companies. It’s been debated on blogs, in real estate forums and at office meetings. I recently read a blog comment which likened a certain lead generation company to a drug dealer.

Pretty strong stuff.

I’m the little guy with a little office. Even though I work for a franchise, I can’t personally compete in my area with the big franchises or the public MLS when it comes to driving traffic to my IDX website. If you do a search using the most sought after search terms in my area, all the big franchises are right there on the top of the first page, along with HomeGain and a few other lead aggregators. They can afford to outspend me to get there.

Blogging does keep me competitive with the big guys. As far as long tail searches, my blog is all I need, and I can outmaneuver the best of them on that playing field. But being the competitive person that I am, I wanted anther tool in my arsenal. In 2005 I signed on to HomeGain’s BuyerLink. At that time I had 3 buyer’s agents and needed to keep them fed with a good supply of leads. HomeGain generated about 30% of our team income that first year by driving traffic to our IDX site. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Linda Davis on February 27th, 2008 under BuyerLink & AIMS, Success Stories


5 Ways to Market Yourself as an Expert

You are a professional. You possess specialized knowledge. You may have devoted yourself to extensive education. You may have several decades of experience. But when you introduce yourself or hand out a business card you’re just one of the crowd of that profession.

As in any profession, you get pigeon-holed, often unflatteringly and marketing yourself becomes an uphill battle to overcome a stereotype.

There’s a better way. Elevate yourself to “expert” in your field. It does not matter how small your specialty because as an expert you will automatically stand out from the crowd of other like professionals.

People feel more comfortable dealing with someone who they know is a specialist. They will seek out experts. Just make yourself known as one.

Here are 5 ways to becoming an expert:

1. Contribute articles to your local newspaper.

Newspapers are starved for content. Contact your local newspaper editor or head of the real estate section and offer to write on a specific topic you know best. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on February 26th, 2008 under Best Practices, Guest Bloggers


Using your blog to be a successful Realtor not a failed writer

Ready to start your blog? Think that this will be the platform you will use to rant and rave about local politics, post a recipe and provide community event calendars?

Think again. Your local newspaper website probably already does that much better than you could dream of.

Your real estate blog is about, get this, REAL ESTATE. You are not a journalist! You are a Realtor. So, you need to write highly focused real estate content if you want to be found through the search engines for terms related to real estate.

Fact is, nobody but your mother, brother and dog care what you have to say enough to read your blog daily, so use your content to get search traffic to your site.

Write to attract Google! Why?

Because most new traffic coming to your blog will be through the search engines and people that find your blog by typing in real estate search terms want one thing… the ability to search for homes or find their home’s value.

The content you write is the bait, your search tools and lead generators are the hook! Continue reading this post


Posted by: Mary McKnight on February 18th, 2008 under Guest Bloggers


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