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Coming March 19: Ask The Experts Live Real Estate Forum

Join HomeGain for its quarterly event LIVE on Thursday, March 19.

During the session you’ll hear strategic advice from a panel of experts essential to your success in real estate in 2009, having an opportunity to ask the experts questions specific to your own business. Due to the growing popularity of the event, there will be a new format, which will allow more time for questions, and you can even send your questions in advance!

When: Thursday, March 19, 2009

Time: 10am — 11am PST

Cost: None

Meet the Experts: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on March 4th, 2009 under Ask the Experts


2009 To Be A Good Year?

As 2009 begins, I am cautiously optimistic that it is going to be a good year for real estate sales.  I am encountering a great deal of buyer activity in El Paso, Texas and I get the sense that most people think that it is a good time to buy, with interest rates and home prices at attractive levels.  I am not finding people scared to buy — on the contrary, they seem anxious to buy in this market thinking that they can get a good deal.

Another good thing is that the declining real estate market does not seem to be the main news story every day.  We are now on to new problems — bank and automaker bailouts.  At least it isn’t real estate!

So, what should you do to take advantage of these conditions?

  1. Let everyone know how low interest rates are and that they won’t stay this low for long.  Send out email blast to your mailing list — call your top buyer prospects.
  2. Send out a list of best buys to your buyer prospects. Again by email and also call your top prospects.
  3. Follow up, follow up, and follow up.  This is what really makes the difference between the top Realtors and the rest.  You don’t have to be good at what you do — but you have to be there — when they are ready to buy or sell.  Continually check back with your prospects by both email and phone.  Don’t fall in love with email — a lot of people only follow up by email.  You still need to make a good old fashioned phone call once in a while.
  4. Stay upbeat about the opportunities in this market.  I find that when I have a good positive attitude, it is infectious and good things happen.
  5. Do more with less.  Reevaluate all of your expenses.  If you can do without the item, cut it.  I’m also making more of an effort to reach people by phone.  I would generally try to reach a prospect one time, and if I couldn’t get them, I’d move on to the next — because Continue reading this post

Posted by: Barry Karch on January 24th, 2009 under Best Practices


Gloom and Doom … or Great Opportunity?

Certainly there is a lot of grim news out there – but things are not that bad.  Actually, I have not noticed any difference in my daily life or that of most people that I have come in contact with since this “financial crisis” has begun.  Sometimes I think that the news people like to jump on the bandwagon and are going out of their way to find and report bad news.  After you report on it enough, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Strangely enough, year to date, this has been my best year of my 23 years in real estate.  There are still  a lot of people out there who want to buy homes.  I am finding numerous new home buyers every week.  
Let’s look at the home buying situation a bit closer. 

Interest rates are excellent right now, in the low 6% range, and even in the upper 5% range.  These rates are much lower than they have been during most of my career. 

Combining that with the great prices of homes and the excellent selection of properties makes now an excellent time for buyers — not a couple of years ago when everyone thought it was so great to buy a home.  Continue reading this post

Posted by: Barry Karch on October 20th, 2008 under Buying or Selling a Home


Announcing the 2008-2009 HomeGain Advisors

We’re pleased to announce our 2008-2009 Advisors Group and welcome our latest member, Mike Farmer.

Over the past year, since the Advisors group was initiated, we have received invaluable insight into our real estate products. By continuing to meet with this influential group of agents and brokers, we will be further enabled to focus on bringing improved customer service as well as enhancements to our marketing solutions that we provide to other real estate professionals.

Advisors have also recognized the exclusive group as an opportunity to network with each other, brainstorm and strategize.

As the 13th member of the HomeGain Advisors Group, Mike will join the original 12 members from the 2007-2008 Advisors, which includes: Continue reading this post


Posted by: Peggy Boehm on September 5th, 2008 under HomeGain


The Power Of YOU

Nowadays, with the internet and email being such a large part of our business and life, written communication is more important than ever. Whenever I am writing an email or letter, or any other type of document I always think back to my Business Communications class that I took in college. I hated the class at the time, but looking back many years later, I now think that it was the best and most useful class that I took.

The professor always stressed the importance of writing from the “you” point of view—meaning the reader’s point of view, not your own. Whenever I would write something along these lines: “I can do this…” or ” I am …” or anything that started with “I”, my professor would always give me back my paper with a big “So What!” written all over it. In other words the other person doesn’t care about you—they want to know how they will benefit.

To put this in a real estate perspective, so often we see ads from Realtors that say “I’m number 1” or “I sold 300 homes last year.”

So What! What are you going to do to get my house sold? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Barry Karch on July 12th, 2008 under Best Practices, Realtor


Six Million And Counting

Today we announced in a press release that received more than 6MM website visits last month, making us the second most visited real estate website to start off the year, according to Hitwise.

We attribute this number to our recently redesigned website and access to tools that allow visitors to:

• Get instant estimates of homes values and connect with AgentView real estate agents to receive information regarding the home selling process

• Find and compare Realtors using AgentEvaluator

• View MLS listings displayed by thousands of BuyerLink™ real estate agents and brokers

• Determine the best home improvements with Home Sale Maximizer

Let’s not forget the latest HomeGain resource, this real estate blog, as well.

On the press release Louis commented: “We are pleased to announce the launch of our guest blogger program that brings to HomeGain some of the best real estate bloggers in the country. To date we have featured Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on February 11th, 2008 under HomeGain

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