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Zenith Real Estate Market Update

An interview with George F. Babbitt

I had the opportunity recently to conduct a phone interview with George F. Babbitt of Babbitt-Thompson Realty Co. to find out how the Zenith real estate market is doing. We were interrupted quite a few times as George tended to his incoming messages and alerts. I’ve published our interview in its entirety.

HomeGain: Hi George. How are things going?
George Babbitt:Could you hold a minute?
HG: Sure.
GB:I am in the middle of a Twitter, a useful tool by gosh, by jingo.
HG: I’ve heard.
GB: You bet, the sooner people realize that they aren’t going to be coddled, the sooner they’ll get on social networks and start producing. You have to tend to your business ALL THE TIME.
HG: I see. So how is the market in Zenith?
GB: I am working on a blog post on the topic.
HG: What will it say?
GB: Don’t know yet, but it will be on,, Facebook, MySpace, friendfinder, ActiveRain,,stumble upon, Digg and the RSS feeds will be burning, old boy.
HG: Ok, you seem to be up on the latest social networking trends, tell me a bit about your social network?
GB: There’s some fine fellows in it. Its neither social nor a network but, by gee, you gotta be in it. It’s more like a water cooler.
HG: What’s that?
GB: That’s my other iPhone. Text message coming in. Like the sound?
HG: Yes, that’s a good one. So how is your brokerage holding up? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on July 20th, 2008 under Market Trends, Regional, Twitter


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