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HomeGain Launches Single Property Websites for Agents

Real estate agents looking to showcase home listings can sign up for HomeGain-branded single property websites, powered by AgencyLogic

Today we announced the launch of HomeGain Single Property Websites in partnership with AgencyLogic. Read full press release.

The HomeGain Single Property Websites enable real estate agents and brokers to showcase a single home listing to potential buyers and sellers.

Free to use in a listing presentation, each single property website includes:

  • A custom domain name
  • Ability to add videos and unlimited photos
  • Syndication to the major search engines
  • Sharing on social sites like Facebook and Twitter
  • And more

“These single property websites are an excellent marketing tool for Realtors® to help sell their clients’ homes,” commented Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of HomeGain.

“Single property websites are a perfect addition to the existing HomeGain product line and compliment the many other ways the company helps Realtors,” said Stephen Fells, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of AgencyLogic.

Get pricing and learn more about HomeGain Single Property Websites or call (866) 512-7913.


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on November 16th, 2010 under HomeGain


Chasing the Internet Lead

I’ve been online tonight reading a lot of different views on Internet Leads.  I keep hearing and reading the same complaint.  “Internet leads are no good because I don’t want to chase the business.”  “They are never serious buyers.”   “I would rather work on referrals and networking”.

It’s interesting because in some ways, not much as changed since I got into Real Estate back in 2001.  I was told then by everyone, don’t waste your money or time on Internet Leads.  As I look back, all of those real estate agents who told me that either never had more than a half dozen sales per year, or are no longer in business today.

So let’s talk for a minute about what they call “chasing the Internet Lead”.

Firstly, chasing and prospecting can be interchanged.  If you are going to make money in this business, you need to understand that prospecting is a major part of this business, at least for those who are successful.  I recently attended a seminar in Las Vegas that had 4,200 Agents attending.  I had talked to probably 50 Agents that sell between 50 and 150 homes per year.  They all had one thing in common: they all prospect daily.  Therefore, they are successful because of the amount of prospecting they do on a daily basis.

So what does this have to do with Internet Leads? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Mitch Ribak on October 18th, 2010 under Leads


Why Force Registration and Not Follow Up?

I’ve personally taken the time to register around the country for the sole purpose of having a great email drip campaign to convert leads into appointments and appointments into pay checks. Ironically, I’ve accidentally noticed that many of the websites I have registered on were not calling my personal cell phone, let alone sending me an email of properties or even a thank you for registering.

So I ask the question, “why force registration and not follow up?” My data gathered around the country over a period of about six months has astonished me, and possibly even you. Experience clearly shows the importance following up and having great systems in place in the way to grow your business and dominate as opposed to drowning in today’s market.

I’ll get to the statistics in a moment. First off, I was amazed that this project took me so long. After starting this project, I realized how many people do not force registration. I also realized how many people do not have websites. Sorry, I did not collect data on the number of websites I had to visit in order to register, however the number was at least 2 out of 3 who did not force registration. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Robert Worthington on July 13th, 2010 under Best Practices, HomeGain


Agent Success Newsletter – March/April 2010 Issue


HomeGain emailed out its March/April 2010 newsletter for real estate agents, called “Agent Success Newsletter“.

The digital real estate newsletter included:

  • Feature Story: We featured the results of the HomeGain First Quarter 2010 Home Prices Survey, which indicates that the vast majority believe that home prices will decrease or stay the same olatest-news-real-estate-newsletterver the next six months, as well as the Top 10 States where real estate agents think home prices may go up or down this year.
  • Agent Question of the Month: “I am not getting as much communication from consumers with the AgentView program as I want. Do you have any suggestions?” Get answer
  • Agent Quotes of the Month – Bill Boone of Keller Williams said, “I have used many other internet lead generation companies and HomeGain is the best without question! Working with them is always very nice. Karina does a fantastic job for us! The quantity and quality of the leads we get are great! I would recommend HomeGain to anyone as it is a very good solid company!” Email us your own quote.
  • HomeGain News:

HomeGain Nation 2010 took place on Monday, March 1 in San Francisco. See the highlights of the event.

Top 10 Most Effective Marketing Strategies for Agents: What are today’s most effective marketing strategies of U.S. real estate agents — is it email, Facebook or open houses? Where do agents rank print mailings over social networking sites? See where your marketing plan falls in with other competing agents.

Sign up here to receive HomeGain’s FREE Agent Success Newsletter

Read past real estate newsletters


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on April 16th, 2010 under Agent Success Newsletters

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Look Ma … No Net!! (5 Reasons This Is NOT A Good Idea)

Used to be not having a net was a sign of your proficiency. Back in the day before a thousand people got killed an hour in television dramas, people looked to other means to get their “need for a buzz” satiated. Who can forget August 7, Reckless person1974, when high-wire performer Philippe Petit amazed the residents of lower Manhattan by going for a high wire stroll between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Without a net.

It’s different today. Now we watch things like this every day on TV, and, after the person falls to their death, we see close ups of the gore as CSI teams come in and prove it was actually murder, not a gust of wind that caused the latest victim’s demise. The thing that used to make these types of events so thrilling was the fact that the deed was done …

Without a net.

Nowadays, circus unions ensure that nets are in place to protect the safety of the participants. The thrill is gone because the potential of possible demise has been replaced with the theatrics of flawlessly executed maneuvers done with ever increasing degrees of difficulty, outlandish costumes or a combination of both. It’s just not the same.

There is still, however, an arena where participants still perform their death defying acts without a net. It happens every day, and it’s far more common than many realize. The arena is real estate, and the performers are …


A strange thing happened a few days ago. Someone tried to send me a fax. It’s not that I don’t have a fax machine. I have a really nice one, in fact. I just don’t use it anymore. There’s no need to. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Carl Medford on April 7th, 2010 under Online Marketing

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HomeGain Nation – Live Real Estate Forum Impresses Agents

homegain-nation-logoThe HomeGain Nation Real Estate event is underway today! With over 100 attendees (real estate professionals), it’s a full day’s worth of strategies, networking and learning from 11 sessions, 4 workshops and 15 speakers. See full agenda

Follow HomeGain Nation on Twitter #homegainnation

What do attendees think of the event so far?

Barbara Tidwell of Keller Williams in Texas (AgentEvaluator National Top Performer 2009) said that she (and her daughter Lisa Rich) “learned so much within the first 2 hours, it’s been the most worthwhile event she’s attended” in a long time, and that she can’t wait to get home and apply it to her business.

Jaime Sparks of Sun Coast Realty, Inc. in Corona, CA commented, “I’m having so much fun, and learning so much that I think this should be a 2-day event!”

“This has been such a valuable event. I’m learning how to optimize my business with my HomeGain products,” added Yulonda Evans of Sessions Real Estate in Oakland, CA.

Videos to be posted in the coming weeks for most HomeGain Nation sessions here on the HomeGain Blog and on YouTube.

Attendees can also post comments and upload photos or videos to Flickr and Facebook.

See more HomeGain Nation blog posts


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on March 1st, 2010 under HomeGain Nation


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