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An American Gorilla In Paris

Max Hits the City Of Lights on Eve Of HomeGain Product Launch

On the advice of Max’s personal veterinarian, Dr. Wolliz, Max, the HomeGain mascot is once again in travel mode in anticipation of a new product launch at HomeGain. Our readers may recall that Max was sent to the hospital after HomeGain launched Agent Profiles. Apparently, the shock of the level of innovation was too much for him. Prior to the launch of the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network Max was sent out of the country as a precautionary health measure.

Now that HomeGain is on the eve of launching a new product next week, we have sent Max for a two week sojourn to the city of lights.

To see Max living it up in Paris,

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Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on August 10th, 2008 under Max

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Use HomeGain To Blog

HomeGain Launches the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network

Back in February, Brian Brady famously asked whether real estate agents should use HomeGain or blog.

We can file that one under no longer relevant questions.

Starting today, HomeGain real estate agents can now use HomeGain to blog!

Early this morning we launched a free consumer-facing blogging service for our hundreds of AgentView customers.

The free, bundled Agent Blogs form a part of the HomeGain Blog and are also accessible through HomeGain’s free instant home valuation tool and from

HomeGain AgentView agents Profiles and Blogs are featured exclusively in an ad-free environment.

Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of HomeGain, said of the announcement, “The Case Against Blogging has been settled out of court. We have learned through our own efforts that blogging can be a useful marketing tool.”

“Since the success of our agent customers is HomeGain’s mission, we wish to provide them with blogs of their own to supplement the visitors, phone calls, emails and leads that we send them,” Louis continued. “The Agent Blogs offer AgentView real estate agents yet another contact point with potential home buyers and sellers and further lessens the reliance on the lead form as a way of attracting potential prospects.”

Max, the (sub) human face of HomeGain is on a safari holiday in the Volcano National Park in Rwanda visiting distant relatives.

“After what happened when we announced Agent Profiles,” continued Cammarosano, “we decided to play it safe. On the advice of Max’s personal veterinarian, Dr. Wolliz, we arranged to interrupt Max’s motor tour and to send him out of the country. We intend to notify Max of the creation of the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network when he returns, but only while under the observation of Dr. Wolliz.”

In the coming months we will be adding syndicated content to supplement our real estate agents’ blogging efforts.

Real estate professionals interested in joining the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network can claim their Agent Blog by clicking on the “Get Max Results” image to the right under “Product Spotlight”. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 29th, 2008 under AgentView, HomeGain, Max


HomeGain Invents Agent Profiles

The world changed forever this morning.

Today, HomeGain launched a new feature for its AgentView program, the first in a series of three revolutionary upgrades.

Starting today, real estate agents will have the ability to load their personal profiles, their “Agent Profiles”, right onto HomeGain.

This is the future of real estate marketing. It is also the future of how we will lead our lives and how our grandchildren will lead their lives.

“We are as excited about this groundbreaking feature as we were when we impacted the entire universe when we launched the first instant home valuation tool back in 2000, a tool that launched a few Zimitators,” stated HomeGain General Manager, Louis Cammarosano.

“I was meeting with a few hundred of our product managers the other day,” continued Mr. Cammarosano, “and we were thinking, ‘how can we present our agents’ best foot forward, how can we do something that has never been done before?’

Then it hit us all at once in a collective fit of the type of mass innovation that is common at HomeGain—“Agent Profiles”. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 10th, 2008 under AgentView, HomeGain, Max


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