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Agent Success Newsletter – Nov/Dec 2010 Issue

Today we sent out our November/December 2010 newsletter for real estate agents. Look for it in your inbox!

The digital real estate newsletter included:

  • Feature Story: We began a new promotion aimed at home buyers and home sellers. Eligible buyers and sellers can earn up to $150 cash back when they close a transaction with a HomeGain agent. Make sure you let your HomeGain clients know about this promotion!
  • Agent Question of the Month: “Over the years, I have subscribed to several of your lead generation programs. Recently, I have noticed a decline in quantity and also in quality. Why is this happening?” Get answer
  • Agent Blogging Network: In addition to the Top 5 Blog Posts (from the HomeGain Blog), we feature Agent Blogs from AgentView agent members who are part of the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network.
  • HomeGain News:
    • Single property websites are now available from HomeGain!
    • AgentEvaluator agents: You now have a free 800 number to use that can help track missed calls via HomeGain.
  • AgentEvaluator® Agent Member Clubs: HomeGain added 12 real estate agent members of AgentEvaluator®  into its commissions-based awards clubs.

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Posted by: HG Blog Admin on December 8th, 2010 under Agent Success Newsletters

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6 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Care About Blogging

Real estate agents should value blogging if they want to develop a perpetual business model based on a specific type of client that is well informed, loyal and trusting.

While it has already been proven that a real estate company can be established solely around a successful Internet presence, most agents new to the web get caught up chasing social media shiny objects before they clarify their true purpose for getting online.

One of the first misconceptions agents make about blogging is that they approach their business blog like it’s an all-encompassing forum to journal their personal thoughts about life or evolution through social media technology.

However, the business-minded industry professionals that are able to keep their online content focused on providing valuable information for clients are actually quite successful at integrating an Internet presence into their daily office routine.

Quick Overview Of The Basics:

Simply put, a blog is just a type of website platform that is designed for the purpose of quickly publishing content to the Internet.

Categories, Tags, RSS Feeds, Page / Post structure, Widgets, Sidebar / Footer Areas and Custom Menus are some of the technical components of a blog that allow a publisher to easily organize their content in whatever manner best suites the needs of their target audience. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Tony Sena on October 12th, 2010 under Blogging and Social Networking, Guest Bloggers


HomeGain Launches AgentView

HomeGain released AgentView this evening.

AgentView provides a complete marketing solution for real estate professionals combining featured listings, agent profiles, personal blogs, blog training, local content, lead management and home valuation tools and a variety of consumer contact points.

What’s in AgentView for Realtors?

  • Realtors are showcased exclusively in an advertising-free environment.
  • A way for Realtors to consolidate their marketing efforts. Instead of buying ads on other home valuation sites, paying for featured listings on another website, and setting up a blog on yet another, AgentView allows Realtors to present their profiles, their listings and their blogs directly on
  • Easy access to home buyers and sellers. Consumers are encouraged to contact AgentView Realtors either by email, phone, blog interaction, or to visit the agents’ websites. There are five tabs, home values, homes for sale, local information, agent profiles, agent blogs and Home Sale Maximizer™. As the user toggles through the tabbed content offerings, the agent’s photo, contact information, website link and a large email contact box are prominently featured, pictured here.
  • Blog School training and lead management tools are included in the subscription price.
  • Low starting price of $29 per ZIP code.

What’s in AgentView for Home Buyers and Sellers? Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on August 19th, 2008 under AgentView, HomeGain


The Baby Steps of Blogging -Getting Started Blogging

1. Read Before You Write

What I always advise real estate professionals interested in getting started blogging is to go out and read other real estate blogs. You’ll have no trouble finding them. Just Google “real estate blogs” or type in your market followed by “blog”.

Reading other blogs will give you a sense of the topics discussed, the presentation, and the various writing styles of bloggers. The more you read the more you will know what folks are saying, and how they’re saying it. Some bloggers write short posts, others expound into treatise length. Many use images and video, some do not. Some are heavy on facts and figures, others heavy on opinion and their experiences. When done right (and I use that word loosely), the blogger’s voice -— their personality -— comes through the writing.

And that’s what you should strive to do -— find your voice and get it out there.

Besides, reading blogs gives you the visceral feedback of what you like and what you think sucks. (Avoid the stuff you think sucks.) Continue reading this post


Posted by: Joseph Ferrara on June 27th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, Guest Bloggers


Use HomeGain To Blog

HomeGain Launches the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network

Back in February, Brian Brady famously asked whether real estate agents should use HomeGain or blog.

We can file that one under no longer relevant questions.

Starting today, HomeGain real estate agents can now use HomeGain to blog!

Early this morning we launched a free consumer-facing blogging service for our hundreds of AgentView customers.

The free, bundled Agent Blogs form a part of the HomeGain Blog and are also accessible through HomeGain’s free instant home valuation tool and from

HomeGain AgentView agents Profiles and Blogs are featured exclusively in an ad-free environment.

Louis Cammarosano, General Manager of HomeGain, said of the announcement, “The Case Against Blogging has been settled out of court. We have learned through our own efforts that blogging can be a useful marketing tool.”

“Since the success of our agent customers is HomeGain’s mission, we wish to provide them with blogs of their own to supplement the visitors, phone calls, emails and leads that we send them,” Louis continued. “The Agent Blogs offer AgentView real estate agents yet another contact point with potential home buyers and sellers and further lessens the reliance on the lead form as a way of attracting potential prospects.”

Max, the (sub) human face of HomeGain is on a safari holiday in the Volcano National Park in Rwanda visiting distant relatives.

“After what happened when we announced Agent Profiles,” continued Cammarosano, “we decided to play it safe. On the advice of Max’s personal veterinarian, Dr. Wolliz, we arranged to interrupt Max’s motor tour and to send him out of the country. We intend to notify Max of the creation of the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network when he returns, but only while under the observation of Dr. Wolliz.”

In the coming months we will be adding syndicated content to supplement our real estate agents’ blogging efforts.

Real estate professionals interested in joining the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network can claim their Agent Blog by clicking on the “Get Max Results” image to the right under “Product Spotlight”. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on April 29th, 2008 under AgentView, HomeGain, Max


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