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The Reason Most People Buy Homes: Has It Been Forgotten?

People buy things for its “utility”, the pleasure or service received from a product or service, be it food, clothing, house cleaning, a car, a wide-screen TV, a computer, a hair cut, a manicure, and …a home.

I can attest first hand to the fact that when I show potential homebuyers a home, I don’t hear: “Oh look honey, we can make $15,000 on this kitchen when we go to sell it in 7 years”, or, “Wow, this wonderful back yard will net us $50K in 2015. People generally don’t think like that. They are looking at a home for its potential use and pleasure, its utility.

This doesn’t mean the homebuyer shouldn’t be prudent with their money. Most people should eventually buy a home, but not everyone and not at every point in their lives.

Obviously, responsible lending practices, coupled with a true understanding of what one can afford in a home are omnipotent. And the time to determine what one can afford is not in the kitchen of that “dream home” that was just viewed, but in advance with your lender and REALTOR®.

There are those that argue that a home’s future appreciation is extremely important in making a purchasing decision. I certainly don’t advocate purchasing a home to experience negative equity! But are we talking short term, or long term?

Homeowners benefit from the power of leverage. Over 10 years, a $10,000 investment in the stock market at a normal 10 percent rate of return would yield Continue reading this post


Posted by: John Badalamenti on August 15th, 2008 under Buying or Selling a Home


HomeGain Opens Virtual Blog School

HomeGain officially opened the virtual doors of the HomeGain Blogging School today. The HomeGain Blogging School will provide AgentView agents with weekly tips on how to best use their HomeGain blogs. Tuition to the HomeGain Blogging School is included in the price of a AgentView subscription.

HomeGain has retained the services of HomeGain Guest Blogger, Joseph Ferrara, of the Sellsius Real Estate Blog to become the HomeGain Blogging School’s first instructor.

Mr. Ferrara, a.k.a. the “Blog Professor”, will be reviewing the blog posts on the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network and providing constructive feedback and tips to HomeGain AgentView agents via a weekly Blog Tip Newsletter.

“For blogging to work, it needs to be done right,” said HomeGain General Manager, Louis Cammarosano. “While there are many useful seminars that teach Realtors how to utilize blogging and social media, the HomeGain Blogging School will provide weekly and often personalized instruction. We are delighted that our customers in the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network will have access to the weekly blogging wisdom of Mr. Ferrara.”

Louis Cammarosano

Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on May 31st, 2008 under AgentView, Blogging and Social Networking, Guest Bloggers, HomeGain


What about Customer Service and Employee Satisfaction?

As HomeGain enters to the Web 2.0 world people have been asking “What took you so long?”

The simple answer is we believe a business is run first and foremost on satisfying the needs of your customer base and making sure you provide an enjoyable and challenging work environment for your employees.

These two goals come first. Creating buzz is secondary.

HomeGain recently created the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network that gives our AgentView customers free blogs. We did this not to create buzz (although we did generate a fair amount) but rather due to customer demand for such a product.

We aim to meet the needs of our customers. Our customer is the real estate professional. Wherever we have real estate professionals as our customers, we feature them prominently in an ad free environment. Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on May 7th, 2008 under Blogging and Social Networking, HomeGain


Real Estate Radio USA Gets Excited About HomeGain’s Agent Blogging Network

Barry Cunningham and Barry Johnson of Real Estate Radio USA open their April 30 radio show by discussing the launch of HomeGain’s new Agent Blogging Network with Louis Cammarosano.

Hear the story behind the origin of the agent blogging platform and how it came to fruition. Find out why real estate agents [and others in the real estate industry] are so excited and how they are already benefiting. Also find out how to get your own Agent Blog.

Barry Johnson stated: “The agent’s page clearly displays the person’s picture, contact info, blog posts, and a question box. It’s everything a consumer wants to see. That’s worth gold to some Realtors.”

Listen to the radio show Continue reading this post


Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on May 5th, 2008 under HomeGain

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The Success of Real Estate Agents, Not Buzz, is Our Goal

Yesterday, we held an all hands meeting to thank everyone for their contributions and to review how we were perceived following the launch of the HomeGain Agent Blogging Network.

While we received a positive reaction, I wanted to remind our employees of our commitment to our real estate agent customers. I sent this email to each of our employees:


Something that bears repeating, HomeGain’s primary concern is to help real estate agents.

The point for us to remember is that our business is not primarily about creating buzz, but about creating value for our customers.

They need our help and to hear from us. We need to let them know we support them.

I’ll trade 100 headlines for one satisfied customer.

Have a Great Weekend.

Louis Cammarosano
General Manager, HomeGain” Continue reading this post


Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on May 2nd, 2008 under HomeGain

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