Lives of The Realtors

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on August 24th, 2008

HomeGain Series to Provide Insight into What Makes Realtors Tick

A good part of my job is talking with Realtors. In my conversations I learn some fascinating insights as to how particular Realtors came to become Realtors.

Knowing their backgrounds gives you an understanding as to why they approach their businesses the way they do.

Later this week we will kick off the “Lives of the Realtors” series with HomeGain member, Mitch Ribak.

Mitch will talk about his life before his successful career in real estate. Did you know that in a prior life Mitch ran an online dating service?

Stay tuned for more details….



11 Comments on “Lives of The Realtors”

Eric Blackwell

I first got to know you in 2006. We finally met in person in March of 2007. Your success (and Samantha’s) are a daily inspiration to me. It is one of the reasons that I like hanging out with you so much. You help me stay relevant and help others pursue their dreams as well.

I have been close enough to you to know some of your story. Thanks a ton for sharing this with others as well on their journey.

And thanks for being a friend of mine…


Cal Carter

Hi Ryan,
I applaud your efforts, I know that you truly work it hard and smart. If I were a buyer or seller in Atlanta, I would be seeking your input.

I am so happy that Samantha not only has a great outlook on life, but also that she has blessed you with a child and her family has rebounded so well from such a difficult situation.

Eric Bramlett

Ryan –

I’ve been able to get pieces of your story from conversations, but I never knew it completely. Thanks for sharing. My opinion of you is even higher than it already was.

Ryan Ward

Wow guys. Thank you very much. One thing is for sure: we are are dealt cards to play. I don’t like to fold. :-)

Wayne Long

Ryan – you are a credit to our profession. I have to look at you in wonder and admiration watching you build an online presence and Real Estate business while caring for a little one at home. I don’t know when you sleep but you have accomplished a lot in the short couple of years I have known you.

Jay Thompson

Ryan –

Thanks for both the kind words and the condolences.

Great story you have, thanks for sharing it.

Mitch Ribak

Ryan – It amazes me daily the people that I meet or read about (we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting yet) that inspire others. You are an asset to our business but more importantly, you sound like and awesome husband and father. After all this is what we do for a living to give our families a better life. However, life is really about living and sometimes it takes a story like your story to understand. Good luck in your future career and your life with your family.

Ryan Ward

Mitch and Jay,

Thank you both for the kind words.

Tony Sena


I am glad to hear your wife is a surviver. Having a passion and the drive to be successful is a must in this real estate market, glad to hear your efforts have made you and your family successful.

James Boyer

Wow Ryan, I never new how much you had gone through. I always thought that you were just a very driven person and all around great guy. Keep up the great work and best of health to your wife and family.

Timothy Baur

Very inspirational story. Great family and career is what it’s all about….
Amazing what you have accomplished and I’m sure you will have a huge kw group. I know who I’ll be calling if I get somebody heading your way.

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