The Reality of m-Realty: Mobile Real Estate Apps Are Great, But an Agent Still Matters Too

Posted by: Tony Sena on August 8th, 2011

Mobile apps mean you’re a thumb click away from finding almost anything – even your next home. The other day I read an article about how mobile apps on your Smartphone can be used for buying a home (or just checking out a new neighborhood). These realty apps aren’t new and don‘t seem to be going away, but then I got to thinking: Do I really want a mobile app to choose my next home for me?

Deciding on where (and whether!) to buy a home is lot different than, say, trying to find where the best place in town to eat a hot dog is. Sure, you could use a mobile app to find out about a new neighborhood, but it doesn’t replace actually having a “real” real estate agent to show you around the neighborhood. That’s why new homes are usually sold offline and in person, with an agent who knows the area.

The benefits of a (real) real estate agent outweigh the realty app’s benefits every day of the week. A real estate professional agent can do more for you as a home buyer than an app that says “you are here.” What, you ask? Read on – here I’ve listed 6 benefits of using a real estate agent to help you buy your home:

  1. You are not alone. Your real estate agent can be with you in every step of your home buying process. From deciding whether buying is right for you, to where you want to buy, to negotiating the sales price, to navigating the closing process, we’ll be your guide.
  2. Your real estate agent can fit you like a glove. Your agent is a professional who fully understands your wants, needs and individual tastes when it comes to buying your home. We can help you find what you are looking for in a home – even if you aren’t sure yet yourself.
  3. We’re looking out for your needs – and yours alone. Using a buyer’s agent is like having a personal shopper. Plus we’ll help you understand and translate the home buying process. And, we’ll represent you (and only you) at the negotiating table.
  4. This is our job. Real estate agents are trained, experienced and licensed to help make your home buying purchase smoother.
  5. Your agent can go where you can’t. We have access to the MLS and the most up-to-date housing data – important when you want the best deal on your new home.
  6. Finally, your agent can be like your own personal realty expert. Your living, breathing real estate agent can be a wealth of realty information (and only a phone call or email away!).

So, yes, mobile real estate apps are at your fingertips, but they can’t replace true realty. Unlike the mobile app, your agent will help you navigate the home buying process (and negotiate the best deal). Plus, he/she might also know where’s the best place in town to get a great hot dog.



10 Comments on “The Reality of m-Realty: Mobile Real Estate Apps Are Great, But an Agent Still Matters Too”


Yes, Tony, I truly believe those apps are really not going to help too much. I have to go to the Realtor for most of the answers. They would be able to help with constructing the deals even.


Right on! These mobile apps are great locators and source of listings which are easily accessible to clients. These just made agents’ lives easier since they can spread their listings and services to a wider audience with considerately less effort. Every homebuyer needs an agent ofocurse! Apps are just medium to view houses that MAY FIT a buyer’s aesthetic desire.

Katee of The Zia Group

Educating client, buyers, sellers, etc is so important. As an insider in this field we see the crucial importance of agents in the buying and selling processes but with technology, the impression can be that an agent is an add on not a necessity.
Great Article!

Keith Bennett

The Apps tend to have tunnel vision. They can’t see the big picture of what is going on in the entire transaction. That is where the agent falls into place. The knowledge to guide the home buyer or seller through the entire process.

Carlsbad Homes

Apps are important tools but can never replace a hands on agent.

Tom Aikins

These apps have a use but it’s pretty hard for them to answer questions.

Harold Scott

Couldn’t have said it better myself. Keep up the great work!!

Jeff Morris

Great Post Tony! from Agents Part. Of course, realtors can not be replaced by an apps.

Mike Woods from Carmel

Apps are great, but obviously there is a lot they cannot do, such as submit offers, offer negotiating advice, etc.

Ry Steven Yu

Great Post :) This can be more useful when answering questions.

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