Maintaining a Positive Attitude and Work Ethic = Success in a Tough Market

Posted by: Ryan Ward on September 5th, 2008

I had a conversation with a new client for about 20 minutes on the phone the other night and about half way through he revealed to me that he has been looking at houses for the last 6 months, but, could not understand why real estate agents would stop contacting him after showing several homes.

Three agents had the opportunity to sell this buyer a home and would have, except they did not want to show him more than 10 houses to make it happen.

Perplexed? Amazed?

Really, I’m still not sure what I feel after having this conversation, but, one thing I did know was that I was going to find him a home and close the transaction. In a time where many real estate professionals are struggling to make ends meet, I simply cannot understand the mentality that many agents have.

Maybe it’s the water that we can drink at the cooler in the office or maybe many agents are simply demoralized after looking at their shrinking bank accounts and rising credit card balances. Either way, once we get an opportunity to work with a pre-qualified buyer who will buy a home, we need to make it happen.

Maybe the difference for some agents and teams who are successful today is that they seize the opportunity when presented while others just want things to fall in their lap – unwilling to work hard enough to make a deal happen.

If I could just offer a simple recommendation in what is generally a tough real estate market: seize every opportunity presented. Do whatever it takes.

Those of us who work hard, stay positive and care about our clients best interests first will be rewarded as the market improves.

Taking the time necessary, being thorough in our profession and working hard will pay dividends. To me it is the essence of what need to do and the difference between success and failure in this business. I believe it’s also one of the main reasons why we are growing while many others are struggling or leaving the industry.

Attitude makes a difference.

Last spring I had a client that was unable to sell his home for a year. Ultimately, we worked hard and did what was necessary to sell his home. During that time, I showed him over 200 new homes that they may potentially buy once their home sold. For that hard work, I received this completely unsolicited testimonial.

Don’t believe the 200 homes? Read the testimonial.

It’s funny how a conversation that we might have can set off a thought about what it takes to be successful, but, typically it’s these are the types of conversations that reveal a nugget of wisdom, truth or understanding that could easily be overlooked if we aren’t paying attention.

No one ever said anything worth doing would be easy, but, we all need to remember that the dividends of our hard work mean success in our career and the satisfaction that we have helped people through what is typically a difficult and emotional process.

So, keep a positive attitude, be willing to work hard as well as learn and those efforts will be rewarded. Even more so in a tough real estate market.



7 Comments on “Maintaining a Positive Attitude and Work Ethic = Success in a Tough Market”

James Boyer New Jersey

Great Ryan, and you are exactly right. Doing the write thing is almost always not the easiest thing to do, it has it’s rewards as well. Many REALTORS seem to be looking to much at the bottom line, and yes it is a good thing to pay attention to that as well, but even more important is the service that you provide.

Keep up the great work.

Mark Eckenrode | HomeStomper

i like your point about being committed and going the full 9 yards but a question for discussion: what criteria do you use to determine if you’ve spent too much time with a client and you’re at a point where the payoff isn’t enough to justify any more effort?

Christine Bedbur

You are so right. The single most important success criteria I have found so far is to have the right mindset. This is especially important during our tough economic times.

Louis Cammarosano

Ever see “Jerry McGuire”. At the start of that film Jerry a sports agent, has plenty of clients and times are good. Then he loses his job and he is left with ONE client. He choses to do what it takes for his client Rod Tillman (he has no other real choice)
By sticking with Rod, Jerry gains a client for live and starts to rebuild his agency.
In the current market sticking with the few serious customers you may have will probably pay off.

St George Commercial Real Estate

I don’t think looking at 10 homes is a lot at all. People look at more shoes than that before they buy them. This is a house which is a big decision. I don’t think any real estate agent should think that 10 homes is a lot to show a prospective buyer.

Christine Bedbur

I could not agree more. I even start my day by keeping a daily gratitude journal to start every day with a positive attitude.

Michael Malecki

Learning to live and work with a positive attitude will ultmately lead to a happier and joyful life.

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