Could Your Personality Be Costing You Business?

Posted by: Eric Pakulla on October 26th, 2007

Smiling RealtorAs a real estate agent, and in my every day life, I believe it is human nature to feel comfortable with someone you are similar to.

You can build a greater connection by finding things in common and this can help to build confidence and trust.

Traits you need in order to be a successful sales person and/or Realtor®. But first you have to gain someone’s confidence to build that special rapport.

In order to do this, you have to understand people and their personality styles. There are 4 major personality styles and I have found this model works very well.

1. The Dominant person: Usually a result oriented person, quick to anger, and eager to fight back at conflict. These people are often successful but not always nice.

2. The Influential/Relationship person: Usually a friendly and optimistic person who wants to turn away from conflict. Influential people are fun but sometimes you may question their sincerity.

3. The Stable Steady person: Usually a trust oriented person, emotionally more passive, but strong and often tolerates conflict. The stable steady person is the strongest team member and an excellent negotiator. They are not easy to give up their thoughts or feelings.

4. The Conforming process person: Usually prone to fear and worry and avoids conflict. This type of person will alert you to potential dangers and negatives of your plans. They are excellent at implementation, but can appear pessimistic.

Most people are not just one style, but a combination of two styles. The difficulty is to figure out which style your client is and adapt your behavior so it attracts to theirs.

As you learn to recognize and adapt your behavior it becomes second nature to develop a closeness and trust that leads to greater success in your real estate business and as a real estate professional.

Eric Pakulla is a real estate agent with The Eric Pakulla Team, RE/MAX Advantage Realty, in the Maryland real estate market.

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4 Comments on “Could Your Personality Be Costing You Business?”


Eric -This is true about conforming to the clients behavior.I have used this practice for a long time.If you follow “the lead” as I call it,you will gain their confidence and trust.My words of wisdom is listen to the client you can gain a wealth of knowledge from them and develope a long lasting relationship with a long list of repeat clients.


Eric, what are your thoughts about taking a consultive approach, rather than a sales approach?

Rob McCance

This is a good post, even today. I’ve had clients that ranged from asking me a million Qs to ones that basicaly didn’t want me to talk at all.

I can do either, and so should you.

Rob for Atlanta Real Estate


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