Basic Sales – If you never knew the basics, how can you succeed?

Posted by: Mitch Ribak on February 10th, 2010

Sometimes, even with experienced real estate agents and brokers, I find that they have never really studied sales.  They have never really had a system in place to help them be a better sales person.  I know, most of us say that we are not like sales-basics-blackboardreal sales people, I agree.  However, we still must use some of the same skills that anyone successful sales person would employ.

For instance, if you don’t listen to your customer, you won’t know their needs.  If you don’t educate your customer, you might lose them to another agent.  If you don’t provide accurate answers to their questions in a timely manner, you might as well kiss them goodbye, too!

Sales, and I don’t really care what you are selling, is all about having a good solid system and understanding of what you need to do to help your customer.  If your goal is to do whatever it takes to help your customer, you are on the right track.  However, if you are ADD like me, it might be a little easier said than done.

This Thursday, Feb. 11, at 2pm Eastern, I will be holding a real estate webinar that I am opening up to Agents that are not members of The eHomes Realty Network.  I find that the lack of understanding of basic sales inhibits most Agents from succeeding.  Whether you have been in the business for 20 years or 2 weeks, this webinar will help take your business to the next level!  I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there!

Mitch Ribak will be a presenter at HomeGain Nation Live Real Estate Forum 2010 on March 1 for the 11am session titled “Internet Lead Conversion Made Simple”.



3 Comments on “Basic Sales – If you never knew the basics, how can you succeed?”

Bob Stahl

It’s interesting to see how the web, blogs, and social networking have changed the way we “sell” our services to prospects. It’s much more about education — demonstrating the value we bring to the table.

Dave Paladino

I agree with Bob, the real product that we as Real Estate agents are selling is ourselves. We are really the product on the table for the potential buyer to decide. Winning the client by making them feel comfortable is half the battle, and the rest is up to our skill set.

Mitch Ribak

Our belief is an educated buyer or seller is a good buyer or seller. We ran into a major issue a couple years ago when the market really started turning sour in Brevard County Florida (Melbourne and Cocoa Beach area). The national news was telling everyone that you could buy a home in our area for 50% off. With that in their minds, buyers would come here and offer $50k on a $100k property. It created quite a problem for us.

After sitting down and analyzing the problem. I decided that the best way to educate our buyers was to explain to them that homes were selling at 91.8% of the listing price. We put together a buyer presentation that broke down each area, the average sales price, and other stats that would help buyers understand the real market. We had so many buyers losing the homes they liked because of their lack of education. It only took a few weeks after we introduced our buyer presentation before our sales started skyrocketing.

One of the most important part of understanding basic sales is understanding that educating your customer is a priority.

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