SEO Basics: 3 Tips for Realtors

Posted by: Eric Blackwell on July 22nd, 2009

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is becoming more important to Realtors® each year. These lesson snippets, provided by Eric Blackwell, Director of Technology with RE/MAX Properties East, will help you understand the importance and how to leverage SEO to your advantage.

Let’s start with the TOPICAL INFORMATION. In seo-google-searchthe SEO business, this is what is known as On Page Optimization. Search Engines index your pages and the only thing that they can see is text so it is important to write/build web pages so that the text is visible to the search engines.

1. Provide QUALITY content.

2. Write search friendly titles for your posts, pages and articles that will attract readers and be something that they will search for. The title will show up on the search engine as a headline and that is what you need to keep in mind.

3. Avoid duplicate content. Why should Google, as the librarians of the internet, keep hundreds of copies of the same book or post or article on the front page? (Hint: They don’t.) When you write on your blogs, be original and unique. It will not only rank better, it will attract more readers.

To get the full lesson and receive the monthly SEO newsletter, sign up for AgentView.

Mr. Blackwell will be hosting a session titled “SEO Is A Team Sport” at HomeGain Live Nation in San Francisco on August 3rd at 2pm. Twitter @homegainnation



6 Comments on “SEO Basics: 3 Tips for Realtors”

Eric Transue

I can’t stress #1 enough. Provide quality content and the rest of the pieces will begin to fall into place. Having content that your visitors want to read makes your SEO life a whole lot easier.

Liane | Blogging Tips

Duplicate content? There is a high debate right now among online professionals if original content is just a myth. Of course with the millions of websites and millions of blogs, every certain of topic have already been written about. The answer have been simple: just create your own twist to every article.

Robert Worthington

Your three points are understood Eric. Thank You for sharing your knowledgeable ideas.

Dale Monroe

In addition to quality content, obtaining backlinks are another element to help your search engine ranking. Kudos on this blog post.


Also having a sitemap on the page is good for SERP.


you should also use adwords to search the most used words you considered relevant, thus increasing your rank and appearance chances within google. Great article, thanks!

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