REALTORS: Be Your Own Advocate

Posted by: Marie Scheuring on November 18th, 2009

If you don’t know it yet, you soon will understand that real estate is a tough business.  As an independent contractor, no one is watching out for you; except you.  I would like to offer some online-marketing-realtorwords of wisdom and advice to the newby Realtors and others that I wish had been given to me back when I started my real estate career five years ago.

Having a real estate business is just like any other business.  You must protect your information including contact lists.  It is tempting to utilize all the tools that your brokerage may offer to stay in touch with clients and do marketing campaigns.

However, you should know that companies may take that information and use it for their own benefit if they choose. If you think your brokerage is above that, I recommend getting something in writing before you use the company products, computer and email.

It is easy enough to avoid the entire issue with a few simple practices:

  1. Own your domain name.
  2. Have your own website with an independent company that specializes in real estate products to host and maintain it.
  3. Have an email address that is not managed by your brokerage.
  4. If you want the convenience of a secondary company email, do not give the address to clients or publish the address on any websites.
  5. Find your own marketing products, programs and software and avoid using any company freebees that require you to input client data.
  6. Bring your own computer to the office and don’t use the company computers for any tasks that will show your client lists and addresses.

Taking these precautions early will ensure that your hard earned information stays as your personal and business property.  Also, if you ever decide to leave the brokerage you work with, you will be on your way without a hiccup.



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Tim Flaherty

Your info. is intellectual property. Protect it like is is worth a million dollars..because it probably is worth that much!!!

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