Extreme on Patience and Follow-up

Posted by: Jessica Gopalakrishnan on January 2nd, 2008

Toni Coursey has found her niche as a real estate agent in Arizona.

A paralegal for nearly 10 years she is skilled with contracts and negotiating. A real estate agent for six years, she’s personable, professional and tactical about her marketing practices.

Toni Coursey

“I knew coming into this industry that I would need to use technology to connect with people initially before a face-to-face opportunity,” stated Toni. “It was really a matter of trying a few marketing and lead generation programs to see what worked best for me.”

An AgentEvaluator™ member since June 2006, Toni closed five deals this year with one pending next month as a result of her HomeGain leads (to make a total of 31 closed homes in 2007), and had 18 active listings as of last month.

“At first, I was disappointed with the results from AgentEvaluator. I didn’t give up that quickly, though. I searched for tips, and tweaked a few minor things on my proposals.”

“Not long afterwards, I was getting all kinds of responses! AgentEvaluator is now 30% of my total income – it’s really made a difference to my business.”

Toni’s proposals initially were focused heavily on her credentials and experience. She changed her proposals to reflect more about the clients’ needs, and what she can do for them.

She also uses lead management and drip marketing email systems to keep in touch with people.

Toni Coursey

(I’ll mention that each time Toni emailed me, it came to my Inbox in a professional looking template with her photo and contact information. That says to me that she is taking strides to branding herself, which is an important online marketing component behind any real estate agent. Plus, I’m partial to the orange color!)

“I’m extreme on follow up,” stated Toni.

“I have multiple email marketing systems set up to keep me in touch with any and all potential clients.”

“A great success story is Al Burgard. Al contacted me through HomeGain about six months ago. I emailed him a seller proposal. Even though he listed with another Realtor®, I continued to stay in touch with him.”

“About four months later, he contacted me to schedule a listing appointment on another property that he owned. I sold that property and shortly after, he contacted me to list his personal home. (The one that was previously listed with another Realtor®.)”

“I now have that home listed and also recently assisted him in buying another home! The power of patience and consistent contact is powerful!”

Toni sees the characteristics behind being a Top Producer™ to be professionalism, knowledge, patience and communication.

“Buyers and sellers interview an average of three agents before selecting one, which is tough competition,” she said. “Practice these behaviors to set yourself apart. It will pay off!”



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