What’s Your Plan?

Posted by: Wayne Long on December 22nd, 2008

Moving into 2009 I was thinking that the Realtors who plan are going to be the ones who survive and thrive. How many transactions do you want to do in 2009?

Most Realtors will answer quickly that they want as many as they can get. This is true but I personally think you will get the number you plan to get.

What seems to work for many top producers is to set a goal of how many transactions they want to have and then plan there activities based on those goals. There are industry standards that will tell you how many met contacts you need in your database to get a certain number of transactions for the year. How many website visitors you need to get a certain number of transactions from the web? It is the same for your farm and listings.

OK so how can this work for me?  I know that is the question you are asking.

So let’s take an example. Mr. Real Estate Agent would like to do 40 transactions next year.

  • He may need 500 contacts that he touches regularly (some say 33 times per year) because he should get about 40 sales or listings from this database.  This is dependent on the person managing the database actually making this many effective contacts to his database.
  • Some will do this with a farm but it will take far more people in the farm than in a database.
  • Some will do this with a website but again it takes a lot of visitors to your site to produce these results organically or through a PPC system like HomeGain. I have personally tested this and HomeGain visitors will convert at a much higher rate than traditional visitors to my Columbus GA website but it will still take several thousand visitors to produce the needed results.
  • Some will use a combination of these methods as I do personally. 

OK, so how many homes are YOU going to sell in 2009? This is the time to make up your mind!   




2 Comments on “What’s Your Plan?”

Ga FMLS Agent

Positive reinforcement of goals is a key strategy to success in almost anything. It does make sense sometimes to work backwards from those goals in order to establish a plan of action.

Real Estate Taxi

My goal is too just stick too a good plan. Many time I lose track of what i want to do. So my goal is to define what needs to be done.

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