Live Life By Design

Posted by: Wayne Long on March 31st, 2009

What do you want to accomplish with your life? How do you want to be remembered? In the end what will people say about you and more importantly what would you say about the life you lived?

I am a huge proponent of goal setting because I know that if we set goals and then work towards them it is amazing how much easier it is to reach the goals and how much easier decisions become. Every year my wife, Donna, and I write down our goals like how many transactions we want, and what we want our GCI to be, along with personal goals like family time, or exercise goals, etc. These are very effective drivers for us, and we usually achieve most of the goals we set each year and many times exceed them. As we make decisions through the year, we analyze how or if a certain decisions will help us reach our individual goals.

The fact is that most people don’t really set goals.

They make new years resolutions or wish lists, but they don’t really make well thought out goals and then plan their year’s activities to achieve those goals. The ones who do are usually top producers or top achievers in whatever endeavors they undertake.

Ok, so only a small percentage of us set and work towards our goals. There is an even smaller percentage that set five year and 10 year goals. These individuals and companies then back into their yearly goals based on what they want to achieve over the next five or 10 years.

This is the top of the class -– wouldn’t you agree?

Now what if we take this one step further and figure out where we would like to end up in life?   Wouldn’t it be much easier to make decisions along the way? Wouldn’t it be much easier to set our yearly, 5 year, and 10 year goals? We could then decide where our businesses needed to go to help us achieve the life we want to live. We could make decisions about our family time much easier (maybe we would schedule more of it).

I have a friend, Bruce Goddard, a fourth generation funeral director who once told me: “I talk to a lot of people when they are near death and they usually don’t say –- I wish I had worked more”.



5 Comments on “Live Life By Design”

Eric Blackwell

Great advice Wayne.

The tougher th market and the rockier the economy, the more important this is.

Thanks for the reminder.


Jesse Iniguez

This is a great article Wayne, you sound like a “glass half full” kind of guy. From the macro to the micro goals, reaching and attaining goals – however small they may be, helps to provide purpose and meaning to one’s own life. I would add that along with seeing and writing down goals, it comes down to concentrating and executing on these goals. Saying you want to be a better father / husband / person / agent is one thing, consciously and consistently striving to become a better “insert_noun_here” is a lot harder to do. From abstract to tangible, it is the design of one’s own life that dictates the substance and meaning, that – in the end, will answer the questions you raise here.

Thank you for this article. It helps with focusing on the goals, not the obstacles that stand in the way.


Cal Carter

Nice post Wayne! I’m sending you a spreadsheet by e-mail.

Thanks for Bruce’s contact info! I’m not very good at planning, but I’m definitely planning on dying one day way out in the future. Bruce should definitely plan on hanging around a long time to see if he can accomodate my needs. You need to help him set his 60 to 70 year goals.

Ken Obrien

Nice post, that last phrase really leaves you thinking…thanks for sharing it

Walter Grande

I cant agree with you more Wayne!! In order to succeed you need to have goals to shoot for. Its very important in order to feel that push.

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