Cooler Heads Prevail: Keeping it Together When Things Become Un-Glued

Posted by: John Badalamenti on September 24th, 2009

In the last few weeks, we’ve witnessed several public figures just simply lose their cool, then apologize and/or try to justify their outbursts.

temper-realtorWhich brings me to working a real estate transaction, which by its very nature is a very complicated and complex process wrought with many potential pitfalls. Add human emotion, and you sometimes have the makings of a tense situation that can get out of hand quickly if not in check.

I’m reminded of a phrase I heard some years back which stuck with me: ”Whomever makes you mad (or you let make your made) -– owns you!”

This doesn’t mean you should let people take advantage of you, or harm you in any way, but what it does mean is that by keeping your cool in trying circumstances when it is just as easy blow your top -– may in fact give you the upper hand, or at the very least, allow you to re-group and handle the situation with positive results.

Obviously some real estate transactions are more challenging than other.  I’ve found that keeping cool under pressure, thinking rationally and coming to reasonable and fair terms with a “win-win” solution for all the parties more often than not results in completed transactions, smooth settlements and happy clients.jazz-trumpet-relax

The late Jazz great Dinah Washington recorded a song sometime in the early 1960’s “Relax, Max” that’s been popularized recently as the background music for a TV commercial for a hotel chain (you should recognize it after the first few bars of the song).  Dinah also recorded a hit record “What a Difference a Day Makes”.

Perhaps she was trying to tell us to relax or sleep on it. Either way, good advice!



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