7 Strategies to Stay in the Groove

Posted by: Wayne Long on August 18th, 2008

I have noticed that in almost all sales – Real Estate is no exception – salespeople tend to have up and down cycles in their sales stream. Most just attribute this to luck but I think there is more to it than that. I think they work hard to create leads and then when they are working the leads they stop generating new ones.

This creates a cycle where leads are generated, then there are sales, then there’s a down period, and the cycle begins again. In my opinion, it is important to cut out the down periods by continually creating new leads and improving all systems.

It seems that the same type scenario occurs in all phases of our business. Whether we are working on leads, systems, or marketing. We get motivated and work hard to generate or improve and then we cycle into a sloppy phase.

So…my question is how do we stay motivated to continually improve our lead generation techniques, systems, marketing, etc.?

Here are some ideas to stay in the groove:

  1. Regularly attend conferences like NAR, Bloodhound Unchained, Inman Real Estate Connect, your Brokerage convention, Pubcon, etc.
  2. Continually Read Books in Print and on Tape – about systems, self improvement, negotiation, marketing, internet strategies, etc.
  3. Attend education seminars like are required for CRS, GRI, or seminars by top producers you want to emulate.
  4. Participate in Forum communities and make friends with other high producing agents that can help you formulate ideas and systems to take you further.
  5. Read high quality blogs like HomeGain, Bloodhound, Agent Genius and REIW.
  6. Discuss strategies with your team to motivate them and receive feedback. We have regular strategy sessions with our team in Columbus, Georgia.
  7. Go to coaching sites like CKGTV.com to learn from coaches or possible consider hiring a coach.

In short I think life long learning and building relationships with other like minded movers and shakers is the key to staying motivated so that you stay out of the “slumps”.

How do you stay motivated?



5 Comments on “7 Strategies to Stay in the Groove”

Karen Highland

So you’re saying in a nutshell, be learning based. That’s a mindset that a lot of us “Type A” people don’t naturally have, but need to adopt.

Eric Blackwell

Wayne- I could not agree more. You are one of those “like minded movers and shakers” for me. That keeps ME motivated.

Thanks for pointing me to CKGTV.com–off to check it out.

@Karen- That’s what it sounded like to me…and I think he’s right. (grin)

Dallas Real Estate Blog

Great post, Wayne. Your right, its all about having the pipeline nice and full :)

Austin Real Estate Guide

I have found that business tends to work in cycles. When you are looking with people its hard to be concentrating on calling old leads and checking up. Its probably best to keep pretty organized so that things are scheduled so you don’t lose track of people.

Buy My House

Thanks for this Wayne – it is great advice for somebody who is currently in a ‘sales slump’ , and a bit of a sloppy phase.

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