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HomeGain.com Launches Massive ‘Gorilla Marketing’ Campaign

Leading real estate services company flexes its marketing muscle with new advertising campaign; enlists ad agency powerhouse, A Man and His Monkey

Emeryville, CA (HomeGain Press) JANUARY 7, 2008 – HomeGain.com, a commonly accepted authority of real estate marketing tactics by real estate professionals nationwide, today announced a major new “gorilla marketing” campaign

Gorilla Ad Campaign

The new marketing campaign features the HomeGain Gorilla (pictured here) and was created by Madison Avenue Agency, A Man and His Monkey.

The ads will be initially launched across the Google Content Network, a network that features some of the best known and most heavily trafficked real estate sites, including:

  • sanantoniorealestateguywithawebsite.com;
  • josephandmarysclevelandbuyerandselleragents.com
  • bayarearealestateagentstohelpyou.com

Total expenditures for the campaign were undisclosed but industry pundits believe the total dollar value of the campaign could be huge. While boarding the HomeGain Jet, Jessica Pogni Gopalakrishnan, called out in reference to the campaign, “Rule number one of Marketing: It does not work unless you spend big bucks.”

General Manager at HomeGain, Louis Cammarosano, concurred. “This marketing campaign will be huge and cost us plenty,” Mr. Cammarosano noted speaking from his palatial office on the sprawling HomeGain campus in Emeryville.

“It’s a tradition at HomeGain to try to outspend and out-market our sister Classified Ventures companies. This year Cars.com is running Super Bowl ads, so we had to come up with something that would cost a lot.”

Some industry observers believe that the HomeGain ad spend could top $4,000 in the first quarter alone, others believe it could exceed $5,000.

Man Salazar of the ad agency, A Man and His Monkey, stated, “Working with HomeGain was a pleasure. We wanted to put our best foot forward on this account, so I agreed personally to work on the HomeGain campus until this project was completed.”

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  1. darlene
    144 mos, 1 wk ago

    question..how do you convert a beach condo into a timeshare property?

  2. Peggy Boehm
    144 mos, 1 wk ago

    Regarding your question about converting a beach condo into a timeshare property, I recommend you contact a commercial real estate broker in your local market area for advice.
    Good luck.

  3. 139 mos, 2 wks ago

    Gorilla way is the only way these days. Aggressive marketing is the way.

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