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Mary McKnight

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Mary is a Harvard graduate with 10 years experience in marketing consultanting for mid to Fortune 500 sized businesses and technology companies.  Miss McKnight began her career in technology just about the time the dot com bubble was bursting. Having worked for a number of well funded start-ups that went belly up in the bust, she made a lateral move into the high power world of Venture Capital to gain a better understanding of what makes or breaks a tech company. Subsequently as a Consultant for ColdWave Technologies, a diversified software company, servicing Venture Capital and Fortune 500 clients like Warner Bros., Coca Cola, Exxon, Bank of America, NCI Building Systems and Ford Motor Credit, she worked within the feature film and sporting event industries to develop and implement large scale consumer Internet marketing and SEO campaigns for brand name products and property franchises.

In 2006, Mary was a founding member of a successful blogging company, RSS Pieces, Inc.  As Chief Marketing Officer for RSS Pieces, she spent the majority of my time teaching professionals how to turn their blogs into powerful sales tools and lead generators with out-of-the-box marketing methods, SEO and proven copy writing techniques. Mary currently works as the Director of Marketing and Social Media for leading eMarkeitng firm, 1parkplace and also acts as a private consultant to a number of venture firms.  Mary is also in the process of writing a main stream marketing book with fellow Homegain blogger, Nicle Nicolay of Effektive Solutions.

Mary’s sites:
Netamorfasis is is filled with blogging, SEO and technology advice specifically for real estate.  Tons of free tutorials and advice offered on this site. is the totally outrageous marketing blog by Nicole Nicolay and Mary McKnight.  This blog is a resource for marketers that like to take the road less traveled and dare to be different bordering on outrageous in an effort to make yourself famous and get your brand recognized.


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