Ignorance Is Bliss

Posted by: Barry Karch on November 8th, 2007

I’ve been hearing so much bad news about the real estate market every day – it’s on TV, the radio, the newspaper – everywhere you look.

Naturally, since we’re in the real estate business, we’re very sensitive to any news on our profession. Whenever I hear real estate mentioned, my ears prick up.

Well, I’ve decided to do something about the bad news – I’m ignoring it. I don’t pay any attention to the real estate stories any more. I’m tired of hearing of all of the trouble in the real estate market. Instead, I’m maintaining a positive attitude and going about business as usual – assuming that the real estate market is great – and guess what? BUSINESS IS GREAT!

There are lots of people who want to buy homes and I’ve found out that most of them don’t listen to the news in the first place. They have no idea what the real estate market is like. All that they know is that they want to buy a house – and I want to help them.

Why don’t you join me. Put down the newspaper, think about all of the successes that you’ve had in the past, and with that positive attitude, go out there and create some more success stories.


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6 Comments on “Ignorance Is Bliss”

Cathy Shultz

I agree with you. I am tired of hearing about all the bad news also. This is the third best year in Real Estate history but they don’t tell you that. My year this year is better than last year and I had a great year.
Cathy Shultz
Re/Max Centre

ken milner

I agree 100%


I agree wholeheartedly. The media overdramatizes everything to begin with, so it’s no surprise how they are reacting to perhaps a more challenging market (for some). Nevertheless, I know plenty of agents/brokers that are in full swing right now-business as usual. As for the daunting news casts on TV, I keep the remote and mute button within reach.

Gerry Hayes, e-PRO®, GRI, HomeGain Agent

Everyday the media tells us how real estate market is in trouble. The bubble has burst and our economy is in for a fall.

It is true that most markets are experiencing fewer and slower sales. Some markets have even seen price declines from the peaks of 2005 and early 2006. But, those were exceptional years. We must always remember that while real estate like any market will increase and decrease with our economy each market is unique.

We’ve seen price declines in the Reno, Nevada market but not in the Incline Village, Nevada, market that is on the north shore of beautiful Lake Tahoe.

Incline Village is a second home and retirement home community. It has about 7800 home, town home and condominium sites and will never have more.

Consequently, we’re not impacted by the normal real estate market fluctuations in a standard way. While our unit sales are down in 2007 our prices have continued in increase. Home prices rose 6% in the 1st quarter of 2007 vs the same period in 2006. Condo prices rose over 14%.

So, being a secondary market with limited homes and located in a fantastic location that has year-round beauty and recreational activities, keeps our market vibrant and positive.

Plus, Nevada has no state income tax and uses a property tax appraisal system that doesn’t raise a home’s property tax base to its’ sales price every time it’s sold.

Come to Lake Tahoe for the beauty, stay in Incline Village for the ambience and lifestyle.

Gerry Hayes, e-PRO®, GRI, HomeGain Agent
Century 21 Mountain Properties
888-726-8821 Toll Free

Wayne Long

The media really is hammering people and the main problem we are seeing is the expectation buyers have that they can buy a home 10% below the value and more. In our area this is just not true. Sales seem stronger to us in the 4th quarter and I hope the trend continues. Maybe we can get the media to report that.

Janice Morze

I agree..I hear from all sorts of people..wow, your a Realtor, that must be tough with todays market. I get sooo mad. I am a newer Realtor but the Group I am a part of did over 20 million in sales this year.. That is not so bad. If you are a dedicated hard-working Realtor and you have good work ethics…and patience, you will prevail. Most of the people dont have a clue what this market is really like. As a Realtor, you must change with the ever changing market.

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