Real Estate Got Us Into This Mess…

Posted by: Louis Cammarosano on November 25th, 2008

…and real estate will lead us out of it. Today’s news that the Federal Reserve will buy as much as $600 billion  of debt sent interest rates on the average 30 year fixed mortgage down from about 6.25% to 5.5%.

With interest rates low and prices down 40% in some areas, real estate transaction volumes could pick up as real estate could once again become a very attractive investment.

Now if only, credit would losen up a bit…


Louis Cammarosano



4 Comments on “Real Estate Got Us Into This Mess…”

Heather Lawson

I spoke to a prospect recently who has been investing in the stock market. He is now ready to look at real estate. Real estate is looking very attractive, and the upswing will happen. Let’s be sure we are ready for it! :) Happy Thanksgiving.

Louis Cammarosano

Heather I agree – Real estate, unlike the stock market, generally doesn’t go down 15% in a day or 30%

Real estate appears to be the safer bet now.
And with prices down there is probably some upside too!

Jodi Suguitan

It would be nice if credit loosened up but for many investors, looking for shelter from the volatility of the stock market, that isn’t as big of a concern. Foreign investment may continue to increase as the dollar is still relatively weak. I spoke to a Florida agent friend of mine recently who sold 3 properties sight unseen to a German investor.

Real Estate Taxi

I think that the real estate market will improve the stock market. It is going to take time but once the real estate market balances out and starts to improve, so will our country.

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